City of Spokane to finish cleaning up storm debris within the week

Branches, leaves and debris are still littering the streets and sidewalks on the South Hill after the storm hit nearly a week ago. The City of Spokane says they hope to have it all cleaned up within a week.

City spokesperson Marlene Feist said they have cleaned up about 70 percent of the tree debris that have been reported.

Since Wednesday, city crews have cleaned up more than 800 different sites.

Manito Boulevard is not one of those sites, and right now, it’s making it difficult for some pet owners to walk their dogs.

“There are so many dead trees and branches on the floor, I don’t want to hurt my dogs. So, I walk on the sidewalk,” said Huan-Mei Hall, a South Hill resident.

There are still parts of Manito Park that is being cleaned up, which was a surprise for frequent walker Shawn Morgan.

“I thought it was going to be cleaned up pretty quick and it just seems like it continues, finding more branches and more branches,” he said.

The city said since Wednesday, about 2,200 customers went through their Waste to Energy Facility, bringing in more than 500 tons of debris.

“What the street crews are picking up and the utility crews that are helping them, is the stuff that fell from street trees into the public right-of-ways. We’re asking people not to drag stuff from other parts of their yard, that’s their private property that they need to handle clean up for,” Feist said.

Once a crew goes through a location to pick up tree waste, Feist said they won’t go back. The City tracks where they go clean up at.

“So don’t throw material in the street after they’ve been through,” Feist added.

While homeowner Greg Jones still has a messy sight in front of his home, he’s thankful for what all the city and Avista crews did.

“It’s a lot of work. It’s nice to have our street open, that’s where we started. However long it takes the city to clean that up, is ok with me. It still looks like a disaster area, but it looks a lot better than what it was,” Jones said.

Residents can still call 311 to report branches on the roadway. The city is still offering free tree disposal to residents at the Waste to Energy Facility until October 19.