City of Spokane seeks public input on potential Sprague remodel

City of Spokane seeks public input on potential Sprague remodel

The City of Spokane is looking for public input on another potential remodel of Sprague, stretching from Bernard near the edge of downtown, to Scott.

The currently unfunded proposal would re-pave roadways that haven’t been updated in decades, replace a water main that was originally installed more than a century ago, reconfigure intersections to make them ADA compliant, increase lane widths and widen sidewalks.

The proposal would also change the lane configuration along the stretch of Sprague between Pine and Sherman, which is what the city is looking for input on. Click here to go to the full city presentation and public survey.

Its a similar proposal, though currently unfunded, as the construction that was just completed on another stretch of Sprague last year.

“A lot more people have been interested in the area,” said Luke Casey, Vice President of Rail Creek Furniture, “they drive through and say ‘hey its actually nice down here.”

He says during the months of construction it took some strategy and did ultimately hit the bottom-line, but its been worth it. He said their solution to construction closures was to close the store all but three days of the week, and let everyone know that was happening.

“Depending on how you market it, you can make it happen,” he said. “If you build it they will come, Spokane is definitely on the up and up.”

For the owner of Trudeau’s Marina, a business that has anchored Sprague for more than 70 years, the proposed revamp is a welcome one.

“I think its great that the city is going to invest time and money into the neighborhood,” said Doug Trudeau.

He says he likes the look of the proposals, but has some concerns about bus stop changes that might block the traffic flow of the area, especially with new Eastern Washington University programs headed to the area.