City of Spokane releases ‘Environmental Report Card’

In honor of Earth Day this past weekend, the City of Spokane released an ‘Environmental Report Card.’

The goal was to let the public know how the city is doing in its effort to positively impact our local environment.

The first major project the city points to in the report– is probably one you’ve seen in the works.

Crews are putting in a 2 million gallon tank under the Post Street Bridge, to prevent pollution from going into the Spokane River.

That’s part of a $340 million project to improve the health of the Spokane River–the largest infrastructure program in the city’s history.

But the environmental report card also highlighted other things, like the move towards generating more renewable energy, saving water, and diverting trash from landfills.

These are some highlights, as reported here:

The city says it generates more energy than it uses, even when considering fuel for fire and police vehicles, snow plows, and garbage trucks.
It says it’s saved more than 1 billion gallons of water by targeting leaks in the city’s water system.
50 miles of bike lanes, and 3 miles of multi-use trails have been added since 2012.

As for what’s next, the City of Spokane says it’s working on how to market steam created at the waste to energy facility, and a ‘net-zero landfill’ plan.