City of Spokane offering more emergency rent assistance soon

SPOKANE, Wash. – The City of Spokane says people who need rental assistance could apply and get some relief soon.

The Washington State Department of Commerce awarded the city with $5.59 million in new emergency rent assistance.

“The City applied for additional funds aimed at staving off evictions and is pleased to receive these critical funds from Commerce that will be distributed to those most likely to become homeless,” said Jenn Cerecedes, Director of the City’s Community, Housing and Human Services Department, in a release. “The funding is intended to prevent evictions by paying past due and future rent and utilities that have resulted during the pandemic, Funds will be distributed equitably based on population demographics.”

The city says those in need of this money will have to meet four criteria:

  • Someone in the home qualified for unemployment or saw a reduction in income, incurred significant costs or went through financial hardship due to the pandemic
  • The person in need is currently experiencing housing instability or at risk of losing a home because of unpaid rent or anticipation of inability to pay rent in the future
  • Household income needs to be at or below 80-percent of the area median income
  • The home needs to be within the City of Spokane limits

The city says tenants and landlords can will be able to start the application process in early June on its website.

If you’re in need, the city said the Carl Maxey Center is still continuing to accept applications for rental assistance, as is SNAP for emergency rent assistance for Spokane County residents.

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