City of Spokane leaders to discuss police reform efforts Thursday

Spokane City Hall
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SPOKANE, Wash. — Mayor Woodward, the Spokane City Council and Police Chief Meidl will discuss updates to the City’s police reform efforts.

The City says several topics have been identified over the past months, and that a “set of tents” has been proposed.

In late June, the City Council unanimously voted to reject a contract with the Police Guild, which was finalized right at the onset of nationwide protests for police reform and racial disparity. The contract had come under intense scrutiny, with opponents saying it weakened the accountability of police and hindered the process of independent investigations into police conduct.

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Just days prior, the Council introduced a “suite of police reforms,” made in part with insight from the Police Ombudsman and local activists.

The meeting will be held Thursday at 2 p.m., which you can watch on 4 News Now’s website or Facebook page.

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