City of Spokane employees bring their kids to work

City of Spokane employees bring their...

On April 26, folks all across the country took their children to work, and the City of Spokane was no different.

On Thursday, the city grew by a few dozen employees in almost all departments as children shadowed their parents.

Kids were working in the mayor’s office, following their parents as they collected money from the parking meters, worked in the Streets Department, Permitting, Parks and Recreation and other departments.

Seventh grade Rebecca Coe helped her mom out in the front of City Hall, working to help folks calling into Spokane 311, responding to complaints and processing payments.

It was a fun experience for her and she said it would definitely be a career she considered.

“I knew that she had to deal with abandoned cars and stuff, but I didn’t know she dealt with things like taxes and money, so it’s been really interesting,” Coe said.

A few floors up, Iain West shadowed his mother Jacque West into meetings and as she went through permit requests.

He had fun, but wasn’t so sure it was his cup of tea for a future career. Nonetheless, it was a good learning experience and his mom enjoyed having him around.

“City employees help everyone everyday, by fitting their needs,” he said.

“I really like having Iain here with me today,” West said, “it was probably too many meetings for him, but he said it was better than school that is a win.”

Children spending the day as city employees were also given tours of the fire station and City Hall.