City of Spokane celebrates a year of a better, cleaner Spokane River

City of Spokane celebrates a year of a better, cleaner Spokane River
Eric Muhr

The City of Spokane is celebrating a successful and eventful year for the Spokane River.

Community partnerships and some brainstorming from the City has paid off with a new launch in Peaceful Valley, as well as revamped launches further downstream.

They believe that public access has greatly improved, with the launches compensating for changing water levels throughout the seasons – making it easier for rafters and anglers alike to enter the river.

The Spokane River Forum, Spokane Riverkeeper, Avista and the Spokane Indians baseball team have contributed to the construction and restoration of 13 new access points along the Spokane River.

Additionally, the City has partnered with the Department of Ecology to improve water cleanliness – with two dozen new underground tanks installed to prevent untreated storm water and sewage from entering the river, and research taken to find sources of PCB contamination.

According to the City, a sculpture was recently dedicated by river advocates in Redband Park, depicting none other than a Redband Trout – a fish native to the Spokane area, which has also benefited from the improving water conditions.

In 2020, more projects will roll out to improve access and cleanliness in the Spokane River.

For more information, read the City of Spokane’s blog post here.