City implements program to make sure you’re properly recycling

SPOKANE, Wash. — Don’t be surprised if you soon find a note on your recycling bin.

The City of Spokane has a new “Feet on the Street” program. They’re joining forces with other trash haulers.

On thirty different routes in the City and County, workers will be looking through your recycling bin to make sure you’re putting the right stuff there.

If you’re not, they’ll leave you an “oops” note.

As of late July, the City says the program has been effective.

“We do an audit before and after each route, to see how effective the tagging has been,” said Recycling Outreach Assistant for the City of Spokane, Gina Claeys. “So far, we have been seeing some reduction in contamination, so that’s been good.”

Plastic bags are one of the items most often put in recycling bins that aren’t supposed to be there, according to the City. To learn more, CLICK HERE.

The tagging part of the program will wrap up in September and the results of the study should come out in October/November.

If you have questions or concerns about what items are recyclable, you cal call Spokane City Services at 311.