City Councilwoman Burke releases 2019 budget priorities

City Councilwoman Burke releases 2019 budget priorities

City Councilwoman Kate Burke released her 2019 key budget priorities Tuesday.

“This process should be transparent, so that the voters can see what we’re working on,” said Councilwoman Burke. “I want to be mindful that we’re spending tax dollars.”

Councilwoman Burke focused on making requests which are targeted to improve the housing situation in Spokane.

“People are struggling with this housing market,” said Burke. “That’s true whether you look at middle-class folks looking for homes to buy, or the much more severe situation of those who are desperate to either get or keep an apartment in the first place.”

Councilwoman Burke’s requests amount to an approximate $3,480,000. This includes $3 million to renew last year’s funding for pilot projects, as well as $240,000 for rental relocation in cases of building being condemned, a pilot program to provide RV park vouchers to motorhome dwellers, and studies to learn about possible solutions to housing issues.

“That’s 1/270th of our City’s total expenses from 2018,” she said. “Spokane’s affordability makes it a great place to live, work, play, get an education and do business. My budget priorities represent a small investment into ensuring we keep our city livable for all as we grow.”