City Council votes unanimously to reject Police Guild contract

Spokane Police Swat Team Downtown Protest

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane City Council voted 7-0 to reject the $6.2 million Police Guild contract on Monday.

This comes amid a wave of protests calling for police reform, and the tentative agreement reached between the Police Guild and the City has come under intense scrutiny.

The previous contract expired in 2016, and the City had been working to put together a new agreement in the years since.

“Tonight is an opportunity for Spokane to enhance a civilian police oversight model that is already ahead of what most communities are doing nationally,” said Mayor Woodward ahead of the City Council vote. “The contract, as proposed, will lock in multiple improvements and immediately start work on making our process even better.”

The Police Ombudsman, the Peace and Justice League of Spokane and the Carl Maxey Center claimed it would make police officers less accountable, and would hinder the ability to independently investigate police actions.

Additionally, the City Council fielded hours of public comment prior to their vote, with speakers condemning the contract. “I don’t want Spokane to be the next hashtag,” said Council Member Betsy Wilkerson after voting against the contract.

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The contract originally came to a City Council vote on June 15, but that was deferred to Monday.

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