City Council overrides Mayor Woodward’s veto of mosquito alarm ordinance

Spokane City Hall
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SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane City Council voted to override Mayor Woodward’s veto of their ‘mosquito alarm’ ordinance on Monday.

This means the use of the high-frequency alarms will be restricted for downtown businesses.

“City Council voted to make Downtown safer for people of all ages. We are replacing indiscriminate noise devices that bother pedestrians on the sidewalk with live police officers walking their beats out of the new Downtown Spokane Precinct,” said City Council President, Breean Beggs. “This will better protect building owners and all the people who enjoy Downtown Spokane.”

The City Council passed an ordinance in June to silence the high-frequency alarms by a 4-3 vote. Mayor Nadine Woodward vetoed it earlier this month, siding with businesses.

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The ordinance would place restrictions on the use of the alarms used by businesses to ward off loiterers, only allowing them to be active for five minutes over any one-hour period. The alarms are typically only heard by people under the age of 25.