City Council to consider expanding Cannon Shelter’s contract budget for safety improvements

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SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane City Council will be looking at a contract amendment for safety improvements for the Cannon Shelter on Monday.

According to the City Council agenda, City Housing and Human Services (CHHS) is asking to amend a contract with Rockin’ DW Construction for safety improvements to the shelter. This amendment will also affect the accompanying special budget ordinance, totaling to $18,465.

This would bring the total contract amount to $75,063 for improvements.

Previously, the City Council approved a contract with Rockin’ DW Construction in November for tenant improvements to the Cannon Shelter, which was formally purchased in December.

On its opening day, the Cannon Shelter opened at capacity, with the second floor blocked off, and without permanent bathrooms and showers. Many people were denied entry while changes were made to suit the City’s Municipal Code.

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Now, CHHS claims that additional improvements are required, including security cameras and re-keying locks to the building. If the amendment is accepted, it will retroactively become effective December 17, 2019.

The decision to move forward with the Cannon Shelter came after months of deliberation, including the consideration of the Grocery Outlet as a homeless shelter in agreement with the Salvation Army, though the plans eventually fell through after public backlash.

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