Packed In: City Council approves new version of Housing Action Plan

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane City Council approved a new version of the Housing Action Plan with strategies to address the city’s affordable housing woes.

The change includes a new implementation plan with the following priorities:

  • Land use changes to support increased density
  • Financial incentives for rapid development of affordable housing
  • Administrative reform and resources for housing development
  • Support for rental housing market
  • Other housing equity strategies

“We commend Mayor [Woodward] and the administration for following Council’s recommendations,” said Council President Breean Beggs. “Working collaboratively with the Mayor on this housing crisis is significant and we appreciate the swift movement to implement the Council’s plans.”

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The Housing Action Plan previously served more as a report than a list of guidelines, the City of Spokane said, and these changes will allow for clear priorities in responding to Spokane’s housing crisis.

The City Council will consider Woodward’s priority actions from her emergency declaration during their Monday meeting.

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