City council approves new solar-powered trash cans for downtown Spokane

City council approves new solar-powered trash cans for downtown Spokane

This video, courtesy of The City of Spokane, shows how the city council is working to make it easier to keep downtown Spokane clean.

The council approved installation of 40 new garbage containers that can hold five times the amount of trash as the existing cans.

The new containers, called BigBellys, each have a solar power strip on them which periodically collects enough energy to compact the litter, making it take much longer to fill up.

Downtown Spokane’s ‘clean team’ says garbage often falls out of the regular trash cans already in place, but that won’t happen the BigBellys.

“When you put something in the Bigbelly, it stays in the Bigbelly. You don’t have to worry about wind- blown litter or bugs or pests getting inside. It’s completely contained,” Leila Dillion, of Bigbelly Solar, told the City of Spokane.

Sensors inside the the container keep track of how full it is, and send out real time readings to tell crews when to stop by and haul away the waste.

Because the cans will no longer have to be emptied on a daily basis, the city’s solid waste workers will now be doing the pick ups, freeing up the ‘clean team’ to work on other concerns like removing graffiti and cleaning sidewalks.

The city is leasing the 40 ‘Bigbelly’ waste containers for about $71,000 per year for the next five years.
About half of the containers also come with a recycling bin. Installation should begin in late February.

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