Chipotle comes to Spokane

Chipotle comes to Spokane

For years, fans have asked for a franchise of the popular chain Chipotle to be built in Spokane. Now their dreams will come alive when the Mexican fast-food restaurant opens Wednesday at 11 a.m.

“I’m very stoked,” said 11-year-old Chipotle fan Jack Schaefer. Jack said he couldn’t stop smiling about the restaurant opening. “It’s fresh food and it’s got like amazing choices to choose from.”

Jack’s mom, Catherine, shares the same excitement.

“The fajita burrito, chips and guacamole. It’s just yummy and I don’t like to give my kids fast food. So this is just a great alternative,” Catherine said.

Chipotle comes to Spokane

The chain describes itself as “Food with Integrity.” They pride themselves on bringing organic and fresh food to the mouths of many. Customers can first choose from a burrito, tacos or salads. Then customers pick out the perfect toppings to suit their taste buds.

“We moved here from Denver about a year ago and we used to go to Chipotle in Denver all the time. (We went) about two to three times a week. We are kind of addicts I guess,” Catherine said.

The family has even traveled to the west side just to satisfy their craving. “Well, it’s good because we don’t have to go all the way to Seattle just to get Chipotle,” Jack said.

For some, the restaurant is a new thing. Gonzaga University junior Nathan Young had his first taste at the restaurant’s “soft opening” on Tuesday night. “I’ve never had Chipotle before. this is my first time ever. It’s delicious. I’m definitely coming back,” he said.

Chipotle is located inside the Ruby-Division Street split, just north of Wendy’s. It’s open every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.