Children’s literature inspires lecture series

Children’s literature inspires lecture series

Spokane County Library District will host “Not Just for Kids: How Children’s Literature Inspires Bold Conversations,” presented by University of Washington lecturer Anu Taranath, as part of the Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau series.

Children’s books such as Curious George and Goodnight Moon are often adored by children, sparking their imaginations and providing warmth and comfort. But books like these can also inspire adults–helping us to imagine ourselves in a new way and think about society from a new perspective. In these talks, Anu Taranath will showcase children’s books from around the world as well as diverse communities in the U.S. Inside these seemingly simple stories are important messages about our differences and, importantly, how we, both children and adults, might rethink our similarities.

Discover inspiration for bold conversations at two presentations:

Tuesday, Apr 17, 6:30-7:30pm

Wednesday, Apr 18, 7-8pm