Child recovering from Grant County’s first reported case of MIS-C

GRANT CO., Wash. — Health officials have reported the first case of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) in a child in Grant County on Friday.

The child — who is under 10 years old — spent several days in the Intensive Care Unit, but is now stable and recovering at home, according to the Grant County Health District.

MIS-C can cause inflammation to organs, fever, and severe illness and has been linked to children who have previously tested positive for COVID-19. The syndrome is found in people under 21 and can cause mild symptoms or, in more severe cases, lead to hospitalization and death.

There have been 42 known cases reported throughout Washington in the past year.

“Although rare, MIS-C is a dangerous complication that is associated with COVID-19. Most children suffering from MIS-C recover with treatment but may also become seriously ill and rarely even die.” said Dr. Brzezny, Grant County Health Officer.