Child injured in North Spokane hit-and-run tells his story

An 11-year-old boy who was injured in a hit-and-run on Monday is sharing his story, while his brother who witnessed it is asking drivers to slow down.

Braeden and his 8-year-old brother Silas didn’t think their walk to get ice cream would end the way it did.

“Braeden got hit by a car,” said Silas, who witnessed the event unfold.

As they crossed the intersection of Post and Alice, headed for Zip’s, one car stopped to let them go. Braeden says he didn’t notice the car behind had switched lanes and was coming right at him.

“I was lucky he was alive,” Silas said.

“I was saying cuss words like a sailor,” Braeden added.

Their mother, Amanda Hayes, was inside when she heard a noise that would put a pit in any parent’s stomach.

“All I could hear outside was Braeden screaming, or screaming really loudly and I was like ‘no, that can’t be what’s happening right now,’ because you imagine these crazy things when you’re a parent,” said Hayes.

She ran after the driver, who was determined to get away.

“I’m screaming at him ‘You just hit my child! Come back, come back!’ and he’s just like- and he just kept going,” Hayes said.

Spokane Police provided a photo of the suspect’s car. The next day, they said 36-year-old Damon Ashe called to report his car- a 1999 Buick Regal- had been stolen.

Only, Ashe’s story didn’t add up, police said.

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It wasn’t long before they learned Ashe’s criminal history. He’s a convicted felon and doesn’t have a drivers license.

Ashe was arrested Tuesday for vehicular assault and felony hit and run.

“The worst part is he had a moment to think about it,” said “He made that choice conscientiously to move.”

Braeden has been home from school all week recovering. His elbow is broken, as well as a bone in his ankle. You can track his progress on his family’s GoFundMe.

Hayes says she’s thankful for Spokane Police. Braeden? He’s thankful he’s off the hook for chores for a while.

Silas says he’s afraid to walk to school now, and is asking drivers to slow down and watch for kids.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: Braeden finally got his ice cream.