Child abuse suspect says she turned herself in, one week after accidental release

Child abuse suspect says she turned herself in, one week after accidental release

A week after a clerical error led jail officials to release Leslie Baker before she posted bond, the Spokane mother was back in jail, and in court.

Baker is facing three felony counts of child assault for alleged abuse against her eight-year-old son. The boy was removed from her custody in June, after an initial arrest led to misdemeanor assault charges for Baker in municipal court.

Baker was booked into the Spokane County Jail on July 29 but posted bond shortly after and was released the same day.

She failed to appear at a hearing the next day, prompting police to issue a warrant for her arrest. In court on July 31, Baker insisted that she had not been notified of the court date, which was why she was not present.

A judge raised Baker’s bond to $100,000 and recalled the court order that forfeited the $50,000 bond Baker had already posted. But, the jail received those notices in an incorrect order. Upon being notified of the recalled forfeiture, and without knowing of the bond increase set that day, the jail released Leslie Baker on July 31.

For a week, Spokane Police had been looking for the 44-year-old woman, who was not at the apartment where the court had ordered her to reside. Baker did tell the court on July 31 that she had been evicted from that apartment.

Baker says she turned herself in on Tuesday night, a week after her accidental release.

In court on Wednesday, a prosecutor asked for a bond increase to $150,000 given the severity of her charged and the risk that Baker would flee the area. The judge approved the increase.