Chicken-N-Mo wins our Slam Dunk Dishes tournament!

SPOKANE, Wash. — The viewers have spoken, and the winner of our Slam Dunk Dishes bracket—the local dish you voted as the best in the Inland Northwest—is Chicken-N-Mo’s fried chicken!

It was a tense face-off between iconic eateries Domini Sandwich and Chicken-N-Mo, located right in downtown Spokane. In the end, Chicken-N-Mo edged out a win by just two votes!

Overall, 2,966 votes were cast in our tournament.

In the first round, many of the expected big name dishes won, with some upset wins—the Luna Burger beat out Reuben from Madeleine’s 43–41, and the Zip’s Papa Joe lost in a tiebreaker decision against The Cedars’ Prime Rib, as did Clinkerdagger’s Pea Salad to The Scoop’s Ice Cream Waffle.

Round 2 was a nail-biter; we saw some blowout victories like the Onion’s Bacon-Wrapped Onion Rings over the Luna Burger, or the Lost Boys Garage’s Philly Grilled Cheese against Ultimate Bagel’s Zegg Bagel.

These matchups become especially tough when iconic appetizers or desserts get paired up against full-blown meals—in fact, the crown champion Chicken-N-Mo nearly lost out to Aloha Island Grill’s Lava Bites!

Round 3 is where things got interesting. Most of the matchups were nail-biters, save for the dishes that would land in our Final Four.

Round 4 was nearly an upset, with Dick’s Whammy burger, Chicken-N-Mo and the No-Li Pretzel easily trouncing the competition. Surprisingly, the D.Lish’s-Domini Sandwich face off ended in a tie, as well, with the tiebreaker going to Domini.

In the Final Four, you already know the outcome: Domini and Chicken-N-Mo conquered the opposition and faced off in the final round.

What this whole tournament has taught us is that Inland Northwest food is darn good! Many of these matchups were pretty close, and even limiting our bracket to just 64 dishes seemed an impossible task.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the Slam Dunk Dishes bracket—now go get some fried chicken!