Chicago man arrested in I-90 murder investigation

Chicago man arrested in I-90 murder investigation

A Chicago couple and their three-year-old child ended up on a lonely stretch of I-90 Tuesday morning, where the woman was later found dead, the man was arrested for her murder and the child was taken into protective custody.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office reports that around 2:40 a.m. deputies were called to a remote stretch of Interstate 90 near the Schrag rest area 20 miles west of Ritzville. When they arrived they found the body of a woman with a screwdriver in her chest and a couple driving a tractor trailer who filled them in on what they had seen.

Brian Stephens was driving a truck with his wife when they discovered the crime scene. Stephens remembered seeing a vehicle broke down alongside the road and as he moved over into the left lane his wife looked over at the vehicle – a black Ford Explorer – and noticed the driver’s door was open with a man near the door. She then looked toward the rear of the vehicle and spotted the victim on the ground.

“We proceeded on and we were talking about it and we decided to turn around because whatever it was, it was in the right lane. And we didn’t know if someone needed help, so we turned around went back east and called 911 and flipped back around at around probably mile marker 206 and we were proceeding westbound and we seen a male and a little girl walking probably about a quarter to a half a mile on the westbound shoulder going east,” Stephens said.

Stephens pulled up right behind the vehicle, stopped, and got out, running up to the vehicle while his wife stayed in the truck. As he was walking up, still on the phone with 911, he found the victim dead, lying in the middle of the right lane with a screwdriver in her chest.

When deputies arrived, Stephens told them what he and his wife had seen, and as soon as he mentioned seeing the man and small child walking along the road one of the officers sped away to locate the man.

“They were running around investigating trying to make sense, and the first officer that was on the scene I told him about the male and the little girl walking down the road and he said he seen them when he pulled up behind our tractor trailer and he took off from the scene instantly to go check on the male and the little girl to see if they were involved,” Stephens said.

Deputies confirm they arrested 33-year-old Manuel Argomaniz-Camargo, who was found walking along I-90 with a three-year-old child.

Adams County Sheriff Dale Wagner also confirmed a screwdriver was used in the woman’s murder. They knew immediately the man and woman were the child’s parents and there was no threat to anyone else. When deputies booked Argomaniz-Camargo into they jail they took his child into protective custody.

“There’s a lot of avenues that we have got to cover. The WSP Crime Lab has come out to assist us in processing the scene. Search warrants are being applied for and handled through the right process,” Wagner said.

Interstate 90 was shut down for several hours as deputies processed the crime scene.