Cheney High School grad killed in Vegas shooting

Cheney High School grad killed in Vegas shooting

A Cheney High School graduate with family in the Spokane area was among those killed in Sunday night’s deadly Las Vegas Shooting.

33-year old Rachael Parker was among the first victims to be publicly identified. She worked in the records department for the Manhattan Beach Police Department and was at the concert with several co-workers. Two were shot; the other was a sworn officer and suffered minor injuries.

KXLY spoke with Parker’s mother Robin Monter Monday afternoon. She immediately flew to Las Vegas Monday upon hearing the news.

She said her daughter was “brilliant and had a heart of gold.”

Monter said he daughter volunteered with the homeless and elderly and worked for 10 years with the police department.

Monter said the Manhattan Beach Police Department is taking great care of the family during this terrible time.

Parker started as a meter maid and worked her way up through the department. She had worked there for about 10 years and was loved by the department and her colleagues, according to her mother.

Parker’s co-workers brought flowers to the station and placed them on her desk this afternoon.

Captain Tim Hageman with the Manhattan Beach Police Department said Parker wore a smile wherever she went.

“I just remember honestly that whenever I walked by she took the time to look my way, wave and smile. And that wasn’t just for me, that was form everybody. She was that kind of person,” Hageman said.