Cheney community lights up the night in vigil for kidnapping victim

Cheney community lights up the night in vigil for kidnapping victim

Candles lit the sidewalk outside of the Lucid marijuana store in Cheney Monday night as nearly 100 people came together in support of a pot shop employee kidnaped at gunpoint.

Cameron Smith, 46, was on break and eating lunch Sunday when police say a man fired two rounds into his vehicle, before stealing the SUV with Smith inside. Two females who were with the suspect took off in a white Ford pickup.

“We love you, Cam, and if you’re out there, we’re going to get you back home,” said Dennis Turner, owner of Lucid.

“We just keep praying, and keeping our faith that he’s going to come home to us,” said Ashley O’Neill, a friend of Smith.

People signed their names on posters and notebooks while others shared memories of the man that could make anyone smile, and laugh.

“Cam would be ecstatic right now if he saw how everybody was coming together,” said Turner.

The mood at Monday’s vigil was positive and optimistic- many of Smith’s friends are holding out hope that they will one day get to laugh, smile, and make even more memories with him.

“I’m waiting for him to get here,” said Leon Brooks, Smith’s co-worker and friend. “I haven’t heard anything yet, but until I do, I know he’s coming home.”

Police are still searching for Smith’s vehicle, a grey 2008 Acura SUV with Washington plate BCV-4296. Authorities believe the suspects may be heading toward Yakima.