CHAS opens new geriatric healthcare clinic on Monroe, set to open primary care clinic on Monday

CHAS opens new geriatric healthcare clinic on Monroe, set to open primary care clinic on Monday

CHAS Health has opened a brand new clinic on Monroe and it specializes in what is becoming an increasingly important area of treatment.

“The population is aging as we speak and there just isn’t a lot of access for people say on Medicare,” said CHAS Chief Clinical Officer, William Lockwood.

What the new clinic does, is centralize a spot for those 60 and older to get treatment, at many levels.

“One of the most unique things about this clinic is that there is fully integrated behavioral health with extra experience in geriatric care,” he said.

He provided the example of an elderly patient coming in after a fall, they will receive treatment for the immediate health concerns, but also the lasting impacts.

“People can become socially isolated just because of their fear of falling,” he said.

The clinic also has an on site pharmacy tailored to the elderly.

“There are medication interactions that can happen in the elderly prompting side effects that then cause more problems, so they have expertise in that,” he said.

The clinic has also lengthened appointment times, to allow patients and doctors to discuss multiple conditions.

CHAS is founded with goal of providing care to everyone regardless of ability to pay, and staffs counselors to help individuals to figure out what they may qualify insurance wise, and to help navigate Medicare.

“We are really focused on folks that don’t have access to primary care otherwise,” said CHAS CEO Aaron Wilson. “Those are folks that are lower income, or on federal insurance.”

Currently, CHAS provides healthcare for over 80,000 people in the Spokane area and with that number expected to grow to 100,000 by the end of the year, it is hoped additional clinics will increase healthcare access to the population.

“I think its exciting for our new patients and for the folks out there that aren’t currently engaging with medical care,” said CHAS CEO Aaron Wilson.

CHAS will also be opening a new primary care clinic near the intersection of 57th and Regal on the South Hill. It will be open to adults and children.

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