Changes may come to Spokane complex housing sex offenders

Changes may come to Spokane complex housing sex offenders

A public records request by KXLY 4 News uncovered new details about a sexually violent predator recently released in Spokane and additional information about the housing complex he’s living at, with 11 other sex offenders.

Lonney Griggs was released from the Special Commitment Center (SCC) on McNeil Island last week. That release came despite one doctor’s warning that he was likely to re-offend. He spent more than 15 years there after serving time in prison. Griggs is still classified as a sexually violent predator, but the state said he can leave McNeil Island and live in the Spokane community.

Court documents detail that he sexually assaulted seven, possibly eight, children over 22 years. His convictions include incest, second degree sexual assault, and communicating with minors for immoral purposes. Now, he’s living in a building on the 1200 block of North Lincoln Street. He’s one of 12 level two and three registered sex offenders at that address.

The availability of this housing is one of the reasons a Thurston County judge released Griggs into the Spokane community. Curfews, security cameras, and strict house rules help regulate the men living at the house on North Lincoln Street. The state is paying $900 a month in rent, just for Griggs, and public records reveal more people might call that address home.

Documents detail plans to expand and remodel portions of the property to add more room and make updates. Any changes would happen only after permit approval, but the city shows no records yet of permits being filed.

That expansion could cause concern in the neighborhood. There are at least eight schools and six childcare centers within about a mile of the building. Plus, four middle and elementary school bus stops and five special needs stops within 1500 feet of the building.

Details indicating plans for the house to be the primary release location in Spokane for offenders under the same release program as Griggs were also buried in the paperwork. KXLY is working to find out what that would mean for Spokane and how many offenders could be expected to move in.