Central Valley’s Hull twins leave legacy in Spokane

They’re pretty much always together.

For the last four years, Lexie and Lacie hull have had the GSL and the state of Washington seeing double. Sometimes, it turns out that’s not a bad thing.

“I think the biggest thing is in games, when one of us will get the foul for the other person,” said Lacie. “I seem to be the one that always happens to.”

Lexie: “Sometimes it helps us, like if we’re in foul trouble, hey, I’ll take it,” said Lexie.

The Hull sisters are two of the best players to ever come through the GSL. While it’s their skills on the basketball court that turn heads, It’s everything else that’s so impressive to those around them.

“When you’ve got two really good athletes, but you have two even better people. The twins have been amazing, Both Lacie and Lexie, 4.0 students and every day you get their best.”

Because they share a drive in basketball and in academics, Lexie and Lacie will continue their careers for the next four years at Stanford.

“We’ve just grown up knowing that academics is important, our parents have always pushed us to do the best we can in school,” said Lacie.

“When we got the offer from Stanford we were like, just as like kids, Sanford was always like oh that would be so cool to play there but never really a reality, and now that we’re here and we’re actually going there, it’s a dream come true and to be able to do it together that’s even better,” said Lexie.
Excited to share their time in Palo Alto, but two historic careers at CV are coming to a close.

“It’s going to be sad,” said Lexie. “We’ve just been here for so long and growing so many friendships.”

“I don’t think it will feel quite real until like a couple months after that when we really realize it’s over…but we’ve definitely had a great experience we’re lucky that way,” said Lacie.