Central Valley School Board candidates want current board members recalled

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — There’s a fight underway for the future of our schools and it’s happening at school districts all over the country.

People opposed to the mask mandates and vaccine requirements want to make changes. They’re running for school boards to make that happen.

It’s led to some controversy, as well as a recall and write-in campaign in Central Valley. One Central Valley School Board position features two candidates who are not happy with how the school district has been run in this pandemic. Those two candidates have now joined forces.

When you receive that ballot, you’ll see Pam Orebaugh and Rob Linebarger both running for position 5 on the Central Valley School Board. However, Linebarger says he doesn’t want the spot and is endorsing Orebaugh instead.

“It’s not about the masks. I always thought the masks were kind of a diversion. I think the bigger issue now is in front of us and it’s the medical freedoms, vaccinations, and forcing them on the children. which is ultimately going to come just like it’s done in LA,” Linebarger said.

Orebaugh sent a statement that said in part she was running for the position to bring “a conservative voice, my experience, and my knowledge to the school board.”

You can read her full statement here.

While Orebaugh holds a position with Washington State University, she made it very clear she is not speaking on behalf of the school.

While waiting for the ballots to come in, the two have also joined forces to try and recall the current three board members. They are accusing them of not doing their job in the way they handled the mask mandate and vaccine requirements.

Paul Clay is the attorney representing the three current board members. He called the accusations made against them by Orebaugh and Linebarger “frivolous” and said they have “no factual basis whatsoever.” You can find his entire statement here.

Several people in the community decided they don’t like either choice. So, they asked a veteran teacher to step up and join the race.

“I am bringing in 49 years of experience as a teacher, coach, class advisor, and mentor. That particular part, I can add another side to the people on the board,” Stanley Chalich said.

Chalich is now running as a write-in candidate, an uphill battle, with a head of steam, heading into the election.

Ballots need to be turned in on by 8:00 p.m. on November 2.

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