Central Valley School District has accommodations accepted, loses no staff to vaccine mandate

Central Valley School District Classroom

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — With employees either vaccinated or accommodated for COVID-19 vaccine exemptions, Central Valley School District has not lost any of its staff from the mandate.

The deadline for Gov. Jay Inslee’s vaccine mandate for state workers to be fully vaccinated is around the corner. Some places have lost employees, but the school district got to keep its workers.

Out of 2,109 employees, the school district said 1,729. or 82 percent, are fully vaccinated. For the 380 employees who asked for exemptions, the school district said they will have accommodations.

They said the accommodations they made were accepted and didn’t lose any staff over the mandate.

Everyone under the mandate must be fully vaccinated or have an exemption approved with accommodations by Monday Oct. 18. Anyone who doesn’t get vaccinated could lose their jobs.

On Friday, Spokane Public Schools (SPS) said four people decided to leave. Despite that, SPS said it found accommodations for all of its employees who filed for an exemption.

These accommodations include wearing N-95 masks, face shields with surgical masks and other PPE while working.

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