Central Valley School District begins virtual school year

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — Central Valley students in first through 12th grade will be starting either school-paced or self-paced virtual learning on Wednesday, Sept. 9.

Kindergartners will be starting on Monday, Sept. 14.

Central Valley School District says about 70% of families chose a school-paced option while 30% chose to do self-paced.

But all learning will be virtual and teacher-guided.


That being said, your child should have a device to get started today, but if you still need one, or need an extra one, this is the last week you can pick up a Chromebook.

And the district suggests each child in the household have their own device.

As for the school district’s preparation, they say after holding virtual summer school with some students for a couple of weeks, they’re confident in starting classes today.

“We’ve had so many success stories from our parents about how easy it was to log on,” said Communications director for CVSD, Marla Nunberg. “How great it was for their student to get ahead from where they had been in the spring and that was our goal with that summer school program.”


Showing up for the first day will look different for each student.

Under the school-paced option, elementary students will be counted for attendance each day, while middle and high school students will be counted each class period.

If you chose self-paced learning, you’ll have weekly meetings with a teacher, but your child is expected to log-in to the learning system each day.

Virtual learning options


Virtual learning options

Central Valley School District says parents and families can change their student’s learning option if they need to.

“We told parents to look where they think they would most likely be farther down the road, because we can make that change, it may require a teacher change, but we would work with them to have the smoothest transition possible,” said Nunberg.


As the first day approached, many parents have had concerns about Wifi access.

The school district says it plans to provide hot spots at learning support sites, which are made up of local churches, The Boys and Girls Club, and most recently, The HUB Sports Center.

“I would encourage anybody who’s having access issues to contact their school immediately so that we can get them set up in either one of those learning support sites or we can work with them on some free options that are out there and available as well,” said Nunberg.

Looking ahead, here’s what you need to know about:

  • Pick up a Chromebook at your child’s school during the school’s office hours until Friday, Sept. 11.
  • Breakfast and lunch can be picked up weekly Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday or daily Monday through Friday.
  • The Help Desk is available by calling (509) 558-5457. They’re prepared to help with logging on the Chromebook, Blackboard learning system and with the curriculum.

Another concern among Central Valley families — when kids can return to in-person learning.

The school district says it’ll continue to work closely with the state and local health officials to determine that.

But when it does happen, it’ll prioritize younger students – Kindergarten through 6th grade students – returning in person first and keep all students on the same virtual curriculum.

For now, only some special education students are returning to in-person learning.

Families with special needs students were able to work with a case worker to discuss their child’s specific needs and determine a learning option that would work best for them.

“We are socially distanced with our classrooms and libraries and common areas here, and are ready for those students as they as they come back,” said Nunberg. “We have temperature check-in stations, we have masks. And honestly, if parents are looking to to volunteer, especially as we add more students back in the in-person learning, we’d love to have parents volunteer with us to help take those temperatures and get our students in as fast as possible into their learning environment.”

More information and resources can also be found on the Central Valley School District website.