Cell Block Challenge 3: Can you delete that one app?

Cell Block Challenge 3: Can you delete that one app?

Our homescreens are covered in apps. It’s no wonder; there are apps for everything and they make accessing people and information easier than ever before. But, it’s also easy to get lost in those apps and watch your time slip away.

Step three of our Cell Block Challenge is to delete that one app that sucks up the most of your time. For most people, it’s Facebook.

“There’s a study that says people are more likely to check Facebook when they’re sleep deprived,” said journalist Manoush Zomorodi. “You’re scrolling, you’re scrolling – and, you’re not even reading what you’re scrolling!”

Working mom Phaedra Hansen knows all too well how quickly time can get away from you.

“I clean an office once a week and it should take me an hour and a half, two hours,” Hansen said. “Then, I’ll go check a text or something and start scrolling – and it takes me almost three hours everytime!”

She deleted the Facebook app for a day and found her screentime went down. In fact, she hopes to eventually delete the app permanently and doesn’t think she’ll miss it.

College student Kelsie Morgan worried about this step. She’s a Twitter junkie.

“I get this anxiety, constantly,” she said. “Like, [I worry] I’m going to miss what Trump tweeted or other things that are happening.”

Kelsie deleted the app for one day – and, the amount of time she spent on her phone was cut in half.

“It wasn’t that hard because I deleted the app on my phone,” she said. “If I had it on my phone, I would find myself looking at it once an hour.”

The idea is to make it harder to access the information on those apps. Checking into Facebook on a desktop or through the internet app on your phone means you’re making a more conscious choice to do so.

Maybe you can’t delete it forever, but even trying this step of the challenge once a week or once a month can help you gain some control over where you’re spending your time.