Celebrities flock to Coeur d’Alene to play golf and fight cancer

Celebrities flock to Coeur d’Alene to play golf and fight cancer

Nearly 40 former professional athletes and celebrities took the green in Coeur d’Alene this morning to raise money for the Showcase, a golf tournament that raises money for the Community Cancer Fund, over four million dollars were raised last year for the Inland Northwest’s fight against cancer.

Gonzaga head coach Mark Few always in the lineup for this organization but joining him were names like NHL great Wayne Gretzky, Hall of Fame runningback Eric Dickerson, “The Rocket” Roger Clemens, local stars Mark Rypien, Tyler Johnson, and Craig Ehlo. Hey, we know that guy too, Dennis Patchin the MC.

Everyone excited to enjoy some golf for a great cause, even if it’s not their forte.

Desmond Mason: “I stink at golf so I don’t know how competitive, I’m decent at best, but I’m always competitive so even when I’m bad I always want to compete. So I’m hoping somebody pushes me to be better.”
Marcus Allen: “It’s always good I mean this is great camaraderie. we always have a wonderful time and so and then we have this one thing in common, we say you’re rich by what you give and you’re poor by what you keep so you know if we can come out and lend support and help raise money i think it’s fantastic and it makes us feel good, too.”

First appearance at the Showcase for two-time Superbowl champion quarterback Jim McMahon who was incredibly impressed with Coeur d’Alene, and did the most “Jim McMahon thing” you can imagine, he went barefoot for all 18 holes! The Chicago Bears QB is well-known for his colorful personality but he says this is just because of the beating his feet took for so long behind center.

Jim Mcmahon: “Just…bad feet, too many fat guys stepping on my feet in cleats all the years so, it just feels so much better in the grass so..”
alyssa: “Do you you do that like the full course?”
mcmahon: oh yeah, if i hit it in the crap I put on my flip flops for a shot, most of the time they’re off. This is a beautiful, beautiful place in the country, I’ll tell ya it’s I’ve never been up here and looking forward to coming back, they put on a great event up here, it’s spectacular.”

The barefoot tactic not enough to get him a trophy, hockey players have that golfing form down, and former Spokane Chief Ray Whitney your winner today by three shots.