Celebrating Senior Citizen Day with Corbin Senior Center

Celebrating Senior Citizen Day with Corbin Senior Center

It’d be hard to tell what day was Senior Citizens Day, as every day at Corbin Senior Center is exciting and fun for members.

“It’s really just a homey, comfy place to be. I love being here,” said 10-year member Betty Thompson.

They call the center off Monroe Street a hidden gem.

Thompson added, “A senior in Spokane should not say they have nothing to do because there is something to do here for everybody.”

No matter what you fancy, they’ve got you covered. From trips around the world and a thrift shop to art classes with Miss Tracy that help you channel your inner Monet. The staff say if they don’t have what your looking for, they’ll help make it happen.

Jeff Edwards, executive director for Corbin Senior Center explained, “They said ‘we’d like to do this,’ and with over 1,000 members at Corbin there’s usually more members that want to do an activity.”

While some activities like Thursday dominoes are packed, there’s always a seat available. That’s because most of the players know what it’s like to feel alone.

“My husband passed away and i needed someone to talk to and these people down here are just marvelous about that,” member Dortha Wyatt said.

Dortha started coming down three years ago and now never misses a game of Mexican Train.

“It keeps you going,” Dortha said. “You don’t sit home and feel sorry for yourself.”

To her surprise, she’s found a group that shares her background.

Member and fellow Mexican Train player Gerald Fagin shared, “My wife passed away about 9 years ago.”

In more ways than one.

“I’m retired Air Force, Dortha’s husband was retired Marine, Helen was a school teacher at base for almost 31 years,” he added.

“Two retirements and I still want to keep going!” Virginia said.

There’s also the camaraderie, the laughs and did we mention snacks?

“You just can’t stay home and rot,” Gerald said.

“There’s just an awful lot to do down here so come on down,” added Dortha.