Celebrate the grand reopening of the U.S. Pavilion in Riverfront Park Friday

Over the last few years Riverfront Park has been undergoing a massive redevelopment. One of the projects has been to bring the U.S. Pavilion back to life. It’s a project that has cost $22.6 million dollars. Friday it will be completed and ready for the community to enjoy!

Planners of the new U.S. Pavilion compare the space to a Swiss Army knife. Just like the tool, the Pavilion has multiple functions. It can be morphed from a concert venue to a workout space, an area to appreciate the beauty of Spokane and make memories with your family.

” One of the biggest goals was we wanted to be a lantern for the community. We really want the community to come down and see when there are major events happening in the park. We want to be that beacon that draws people in, ” explained Jon Moog, director of Riverfront Park.

One thing bound to bring in big crowds is the light shows that will illuminate from that lantern. Light shows with different themes or choreographed to music that will captivate audiences for years to come.

Moog added, ” it’s an amazing light show. It has so much capability. We have 472 blades within the Pavilion structure, over 6600 feet of programmable light. ”

To ensure you still feel like you’re in a park while enjoying a children’s theater performance or a yoga class, they’ve included grassy, rolling hills. Shade sails were also installed so that the park can be enjoyed on super bright and sunny day no matter the time.

“They’ll provide shading in the morning, and right on the events floor between 12pm-1pm . And then it rolls nicely up the hills, to the amphitheater and then shades the audience through the rest of the afternoon through our concert series,” Moog explained.

For a full list of opening weekend festivities, click here.