Celebrate dad all year

Celebrate dad all year

While it’s great to honor your dad of Father’s Day, there are ways to celebrate him throughout the entire year as well.

Thank him: Dads do a lot for their kids -of all ages. Make sure you show your dad you appreciate his help by thanking him.

Tell him you love him: We all love our fathers, so don’t be afraid to tell him. A simple “I love you” can go along way to making a dad feel appreciated.

Call him: For older children who no longer live at home, make sure to call your dad often and check in and ask him how he’s doing.

Do yard work: Help your dad by pulling some weeds or mowing the lawn or doing other landscaping tasks he’s been putting off.

Take him to dinner: Surprise your dad by taking him to his favorite restaurant for a meal on you.

Pay him a visit: If you’ve moved out of the house, stop by and visit your dad and spend some time with him.

Ask him about his day: While dads tend to always ask their kids how they are doing, instead ask him about what he did and how he’s doing.

Give him a card: You don’t have to wait for special occasions to give your dad a card. Presenting him with one on a non-holiday will make it even more special.

Help with small jobs around the house: Does your dad have a long to-do list of home repairs he needs to do? Stop by and help him complete some of them, or surprise him by hiring a repairman to finish the projects.

Wash his car: No one likes driving in a dirty car. Wash your dad’s car for him and save him the time.

Clean out the garage: Garages tend to accumulate a lot of unwanted dirty and stuff over the years. Dads work hard and don’t tend to want to spend their weekends doing chores. Surprise your dad by cleaning out his garage for him.