CDC crediting COVID-19 safety measures for 82% reduction in Delaware’s cases

Coronavirus safety protocols are proving effective, according to a recent report by the CDC, which credits mask mandates and stay-home orders for an 82% reduction in Delaware’s virus cases.  

The report tracked data over a two-month span and found mask mandates, stay-home orders, and contact tracing played a role in stopping deaths and significantly decreasing case rates and hospitalizations. 

Between the months of April and June, the amount of people testing positive for the virus dropped by 82%, according to the study. In that same time period, hospitalizations decreased by 88% and no deaths were reported linked to the virus. 

The state of Delaware issued a statewide stay-home order on March 24, which stayed in effect through June 1. The governor issued a statewide mask mandate on April 28, and contact tracing efforts began May 12, according to the study. 

“A combination of mitigation measures including stay-at-home orders, mandated mask use in public, and case investigations with contact tracing, can reduce COVID-19 incidence and associated deaths,” health officials concluded. 

You can read the full study here.