Cd’A Police release body cam footage of officer shot by wanted felon

Cd’A Police release body cam footage of officer shot by wanted felon

A round of gunfire opens on three unsuspecting Coeur d’Alene police officers. Police fire back as officer Charles Hatley is shot in the stomach. Wanted felon Curtis Ware runs away as officer Taylor Beach takes Hatley to the hospital.

Just-released video from the Coeur d’Alene Police Department shows it all. Dashboard and body camera footage from officer Kelly Mongan and Hatley show what happened in the moments leading up to the shooting the night of February 27.

Mongan saw a car parked on the wrong side of the road on Hattie Avenue. Body camera video shows he made a traffic stop, asking the men inside if they were on probation or armed.

“Any weapons in the car or anything?,” Mongan asks the men. “No crazy knives or guns or anything like that?”

Ware, a wanted felon and known drug dealer, was in the backseat with a gun hidden in his waistband. Mongan called for backup. Dashboard and body camera footage show Hatley approaching Ware as he gets out of the car. As Mongan asks Ware to put his hands behind his back, Ware opens fire.

Hatley’s body camera captures the moment he’s shot in the stomach. He screams out that he’s been hit, and that he doesn’t know if the bullet hit his belt or not. Mongan’s body camera picks up the moment he yells “shots fired! Shots fired!”

Officers returned fire and Ware died from gunshot wounds. Officer Beach put Hatley in their patrol car and drove him to the hospital.

“Officer Beach’s decision to load officer Hatley into the patrol car and take him to the hospital likely saved his life,” said chief Lee White.

White showed KXLY4 the footage Monday. He said the sounds of, and scars from, the gunshots will stick with Hatley in the years to come.

“Charles Hatley’s got a pretty good scar — a couple of them actually — that he’s going to keep with him for the rest of his life,” White said. “I’m sure this is going to be something that weighs on a man. So he’s going to carry that with him the rest of his days in uniform, if not the rest of his life.”

White said Hatley returned to light duty in May and full duty in June. White said Hatley received the Purple Heart and Medal of Honor, while Beach was given the Lifesaving Medal and the Medal of Honor and Mongan was awarded the Medal of Valor by police.

All three officers were cleared in an investigation by Louis Marshall, the Bonner County Prosecuting Attorney, July 11.

“In this case, the evidence is very clear that Mr. Ware had a felony warrant, was involved in the illegal sales of narcotics, was armed, had a high level of methamphetamine in his system at the time, and decided for whatever reason, he was going to resist and attempt to murder police officers engaged in their lawful duties,” Marshall wrote in a letter addressed to Idaho State Police.