CDA Fire Department to train at old Black Sheep building before demolition

CDA Fire Department moving to old Black Sheep building
Courtesy of the CDA Fire Department

COEUR D’ALENE, ID. — The Coeur D’Alene Fire Department will be training at the old Black Sheep building before it is torn down. 

In collaboration with Costco and their other affiliates, training at the site will start on May 3 and run through May 22 before its scheduled demolition date of May 23. 

People in the area should expect fire trucks in front of the building, as well as ladders on the roofs that firefighters are placing.

“Training in a building this large is a rare occurrence and we are fortunate enough to have built relationships throughout the community in order to be given this opportunity,” Deputy Chief Bill Deruyter said.

Buildings and residents in the area have been notified of this change. The CDA Fire Department is asking people to stay clear of the site for safety purposes.