Caught on Camera: A North Spokane man’s truck stolen while he’s home

A crime in progress in north Spokane, all caught on camera. A man stealing another man’s truck in his driveway – the theft captured on the home’s Ring doorbell security system.

The theft happened two weeks ago. Ring shared the video with KXLY4 Tuesday morning. It’s a good reminder to always lock your cars, whether it is running or not. The whole theft happened in a matter of seconds. It happened to this north Spokane dad and it can happen to you, too.

“One of those things that you don’t think is going to happen to you until some dude is driving off with your truck,” said Nick Fross, homeowner.

It’s something Fross will think of now, after a theft happened in his own driveway while he was inside with his children.

“My one year old was really sick that morning, he was throwing up and puking. And I went out to leave to work and he threw up, so I started the car and went back inside,” Fross said.

While he was inside, this thief saw opportunity.

“At first, thought my wife was coming back home to grab something out of the truck and heard all the ring chimes go off and stuff life that,” Fross said.

What the Ring was alerting to was a man creeping up his driveway and making his way into Fross’s truck.

“Then I saw my truck starting backing up and I ran out the front door trying to, trying to see what’s going on,” Fross said.

Fross tried to run after the thief, but it was too late.

“I guess I was in a little bit of a shock, at first. Like, it was just, it was one of those things where you don’t really think of someone taking your car at 7:30 in the morning,” Fross said.

The north Spokane dad said he comes from a small town where no one has to look after their belongings, but where he is now – is different.

“It’s been kind of a shift of me having to now lock all hte doors and the paranoia is setting in, which kind of sucks,” Fross said.

He said at the end of the day, it’s just a car, which can eventually be replaced.

“I’m just, I’m really grateful my children weren’t in the vehicle,” Fross said.

Spokane has long had a problem with car theft, KXLY4 pulled some crime numbers for from Spokane Police. In the past 28 days, the area in north Spokane Fross lives at has seen about a 44% increase in vehicle theft, bumping from nine to 13.

Overall, however, for the city of Spokane, car thefts are down a bit over the last year. A 24% drop citywide, but that’s still 408 people who have had their car stolen in the last year.

Fross’s truck is still missing. The Washington license plate number is C30509N. If you see it, or if you think you recognize the person who stole it, you are asked to call police.

As for Fross, he said you don’t have to tell him, he knows – lesson learned. He’s not going to leave a car running again unattended.

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