Catholic Charities wants city to pay for extra patrols near shelter

Catholic Charities wants city to pay...

Catholic Charities and Spokane City Council are at odds over who should pay for extra patrols outside House of Charity.

The Spokane Police Department and Catholic Charities formed a Memorandum of Understanding in April. According to the agreement, Spokane Police would staff two officers at the shelter from noon to 8:00 pm every day in an effort to “deter illegal activity in an area of high pedestrian activity in downtown Spokane.”

According to the City of Spokane, officer overtime costs would total $374,000 per year. Catholic Charities agreed to pay the cost and signed the agreement with SPD on April 13.

The Spokane City Council was set to vote on the agreement Monday, but deferred action after receiving a letter from Catholic Charities asking the city to pay for the additional patrols.

During Monday’s briefing session, Council president Ben Stuckart said, “I don’t want to sign an MOU that we’re going to provide police overtime, and then have [Catholic Charities] expect us to reimburse all of that. That was never in the agreement in our whole entire agreement.”

The Council plans to meet with Catholic Charities to discuss their differences.