Catholic Charities to host hygiene product donation drive

SPOKANE, Wash. — Catholic Charities of Eastern Washington has seen an increase in need for services during the pandemic. 

Now, the organization is asking for your help meet those demands. 

Catholic Charities is holding a hygiene product donation drive, from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday. Items like shampoo, toothpaste, and feminine hygiene products are just some on the list. According to a Facebook event, COVID-19 has interfered with regular donations, causing inventory to deplete. 

More individuals and families are reaching out for services and we hope to continue to provide them with hygiene products so they can stay healthy and well,” it reads. 

The House of Charity, the organization’s shelter, said it cannot turn to its normal sources of donations during the pandemic.

“Most of our donations have come in from our volunteers. Being that we have limited on-site volunteering, we haven’t had a lot of volunteers, [they] haven’t been in to see that the room has actually been depleted of all the resources that we have usually,” said Keala Arquero, a community outreach coordinator.

There are several ways you can donate. By visiting the Amazon Wishlist, you can help pay for items virtually. The organization says you can also place items in one of the contactless bins at its main office on 12 E. 5th Ave. or drop them off at the House of Charity.

You also have the option to donate online to their Hygiene Fund.