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The Queen's Jubilee: 70 years on the throne

2022 marks a platinum year for our neighbors across the pond. As the United Kingdom celebrates 70 years since Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne. Her majesty is the first ever British monarch to reign for 70 years. The celebrations come at a complicated time for the royal family since the passing of Prince Philip and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepping back from royal duties, not to mention Prince Andrew's scandals.

N Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles amid 1st virus outbreak

South Korea says North Korea fired three short-range ballistic missiles toward the sea in the latest of a series of weapons demonstrations this year. They came just hours after North Korea confirmed its first case of the coronavirus since the pandemic began. The launches could underscore North Korea’s determination to press ahead with its efforts to expand its arsenal despite the virus outbreak to rally support behind the leader Kim Jong Un and keep up pressure on its rivals amid dormant nuclear diplomacy. The missiles are also the North’s first weapons fired since since the inauguration of new conservative South Korean president this week. The North's nuclear threat will likely top the agenda when he meets visiting President Joe Biden in Seoul next week.