Wednesday’s Child

Wednesday's Child: Georgia

Did you know that fewer than two percent of the world’s population has red hair? This week’s Wednesday’s Child is one of those rare individuals and her personality is as unique as her hair color. 

Wednesday's Child: Jonathan

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Jonathan was featured as a Wednesday’s Child two years ago. He has been growing up in foster care and wants more than ever to be adopted.  The first time we…

Wednesday's Child: Diamond

There is a saying, "Be like a diamond: precious and rare, not like a stone that is found everywhere." We met Diamond at Triple Play in Hayden. She was ready to jump right…

Wednesday's Child: Austin

Meet Austin. He has a soft spot for animals and loves creating new things. Get to know him in this week's Wednesday's Child.

Wednesday's Child: Kyrie

Colorful and curious – two words to describe this week's Wednesday's Child. Two years ago, our Robyn Nance met up with an 11-year-old Girl Scout who's ready for an adoptive home. That girl is still waiting.