Firefighters working to contain Cold Springs Fire

Firefighters are working to contain the Cold Springs Fire. The fire is burning near Brewster, just to the north of the Wells Dam in Douglas County. The blaze started around 10 Saturday morning, and has grown to 1,060 acres.

Crews battling West Plains brush fire

A fire in west Spokane on Thursday sent plumbs of smoke into the sky that could be seen for miles, and left crews scrambling to keep the blaze from growing.

Severe thunderstorms pummel region

Rocks, mud and debris made a tough go for drivers north of Spokane Monday night. The roadway at W. Hazard Rd. near the intersection with N. Dalton Rd showed why it had it's name.

Flash flooding hits Carlton Complex area homes

Homes near last year's Carlton Complex fire are experiencing a new kind of attack from Mother N, as families in Okanogan County are cleaning up damage after a storm triggered flash flooding along Texas Creek Thursday afternoon.

Snow pack down, but no cause for panic

Many spend their spring breaks taking advantage of the last few good days of skiing and snowboarding on Mt. Spokane, but with the mild winter, those days are long gone as the statewide snow pack is only 22-percent of normal.