Be wary about donating to disaster relief funds

A lot of devastation and loss in Eastern Washington because of the wildfires but before you make a donation to help the victims, do your research, because some will try to take advantage of your generosity to make a quick buck.

Crews hope to have lines around Asotin fires by Friday

Fire crews are hoping to have a good perimeter built around the 7,598 acre Gilmore Gulch Fire south of Asotin and the 2,261 acre Incident 483 (also known as Penny Ridge Fire) about five miles southwest of Asotin by Friday.

Cape Horn homeowners relieved retirement home saved

In a town known for beautiful views, there isn't much to see in Bayview as thick smoke lingers on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille, but through the smoke concerned homeowners are working to find out if their homes are still standing.

Lines holding on Cape Horn Fire

Officials had some good news as dawn broke on the Cape Horn Fire Tuesday as there was no significant growth overnight and no additional structures were lost.

Working 4 You: Plan ahead in case of a fire evacuation

Fires burning throughout the inland northwest remind us all how susceptible we are to wildfires. Even if none of the fires burning now threatens your neighborhood, there are things you can do now to prepare for the worst.