August 26 Wildfires

Fanned by gusting winds, wildfires erupted across Eastern Washington on August 26, 2010.

Clarkston Wildfire

In Clarkston, firefighters think two adults playing with fireworks sparked a fire that burned 65 to 75 acres of tall grassland burning near the old Bennett Lumber Yard at 16th and Chestnut.

Couple loses everything to McConihe Flats wildfire

The cool temperatures and rainy weather we've had so far this summer may have you feeling complacent about fire danger. This weekend Grant County residents were reminded that fire season is most definitely underway.

April 8th Windstorm

Random images of downed trees and damaged houses from a windstorm that hit the Inland Northwest on April 8th, 2010.

Snow at Lookout Pass

Lookout Pass was the first ski area in the Inland Northwest to open for the 2009-2010 ski season and here's some pictures from the slopes on opening weekend.

Snow on Mt. Spokane

The first snowfall at Mt. Spokane for the 2009 season has dropped four inches at the base.

2008 Winter Storm

Images from the "Snowpocalypse" aka "Stormageddon" aka the 2008 Winter Storm.

Funnel Clouds spotted near Marlin

A severe storm brings lightning, hail, heavy winds and plenty of rain to parts of the Inland Northwest including a series of funnel clouds spotted by Brian Schorzman in Marlin, Washington.

August 21st Lightning Storm

A cluster of thunderstorms moved rapidly from east of the Cascade Mountains into Spokane and then continued into the Idaho Panhandle and Montana on August 21st. During the storm the National Weather Service reported there were 1,400 lightning strikes.


Photos shared by members of the community of Twisters spotted in Lincoln County.

Valley View Fire

User-submitted images from the July 2008 Valley View Fire in the Dishman Hills area.