What it's really like to be an Amazon warehouse worker during Prime Day

For much of the past 16 months, Amazon's warehouse workers have faced grueling pressure to keep up with the demand from households for online goods during the pandemic. Now, workers must endure the stress of meeting a spike in orders from Amazon's summer shopping holiday, which kicks off Monday.

NASA chief says Russia leaving ISS could kick off a space race

The United States has for decades enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with Russia that has often served as a powerful symbol of cooperation between the East and West in the post-Cold War era. But that cooperation could soon dissolve, and it has NASA's new chief, Bill Nelson, concerned.

Facebook to change rules for politicians

Facebook on Friday plans to announce new rules for world leaders who use its platform, a source familiar with the plan tells CNN Business, in a move that could limit what politicians can get away with posting. The change comes after Facebook took the unprecedented step of suspending then President Donald Trump from its platforms in January.