Governor strengthens Washington-Italy relations

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a Memorandum of Understanding with President Marini to strengthen collaboration on shared priorities such as aerospace, clean energy, climate change and trade.

LA City Council member among KFC 'herbs and spices'

A Los Angeles City Council member is in the spotlight after it was discovered he is one of the 11 people Kentucky Fried Chicken follows on Twitter -- among them, five other men named Herb, and the five original members of the Spice Girls.

Amazon algorithm suggests people buy bomb materials

Representatives from say they're taking another look at the website's algorithms after it suggested users buy bomb-making materials in its"Frequently bought together" and "Customers who bought this also bought" features.

Facebook's most annoying changes

Facebook has ticked off its users again, this time by forcing mobile users to download its Messenger app. Check out the rest of Facebook's most annoying changes.

10 ways Facebook changed how we talk

From "friending" to "status update," Facebook has changed the way we talk. With the social media giant launching "Reactions" Wednesday, here are 10 ways Facebook has changed language.

Safety tips for the solar eclipse

The total solar eclipse will be seen Aug. 21 across the U.S. Whether you're in the path of totality or hope to take a peek at the partially eclipsed sun elsewhere, here's how to keep your eyes safe, according to NASA.