Spotlight Spokane

Spotlight Spokane: Hidden Bagel

Saturday is National Bagel Day and the best way to celebrate would be stopping by Spokane's newest bagel shop: Hidden Bagel. Find the fresh, doughy goods in the spot behind The Scoop…

Spotlight Spokane: Finch Arboretum

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Fall is here, and if you're looking to see the leaves change color, head to the Finch Arboretum. There are 65 acres of wooded trails and it's only minutes…

Spotlight Spokane: Summer Splash Pads

School's out, it's downright hot outside and the city splash pads are open for the season—are you thinking what we're thinking? In this week's Spotlight Spokane, we stopped by a handful of splash pads and soaked up the sun.

Spotlight Spokane: Manito in Bloom

For this week's Spotlight Spokane, we realized how long it had been since we were at Manito Park—there were some fun changes to explore like the fully-restored Mirror Pond! Take a look at the park in bloom this time of year, and then maybe take a trip over yourself!

Spotlight Spokane: Riverfront Renovations

Spotlight Spokane has returned from a pandemic break, and since we've been gone, a whole lot of development has happened at Riverfront Park—from the all-inclusive Providence Playscape to the White Elephant being moved to the Looff Carrousel. So, we went and checked it out!

Spotlight Spokane: Throwback Thursday

This week, we dove into the Spokane Public Library's 'Northwest Digital Archive' — a collection of photos documenting Spokane's history, from the first mills on the Spokane River, to the historic downtown buildings, and Expo '74! It can be easy to forget that Spokane is an old city, rich with history!

Spotlight Spokane: Meeting House

This week we stopped by the newly-opened 'Meeting House' cafe. It's the newest addition to the South Perry District, which has undergone a huge transformation in recent years. Meeting House's philosophy is to become a 'third place' – where folks go outside of home and work to relax!

Spotlight Spokane: Refueling an F-22

We visited Fairchild Air Force Base and got an inside look at the refueling process for F-22 Raptors! We climbed aboard a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker and flew way above the clouds.

Spotlight Spokane: Sacred Heart Superheroes

The 4 News Now team visited the Providence Sacred Heart Children's Hospital – or rather, their superhero alter-egos did! They spread smiles and happiness to the kids undergoing treatment, and to be truthful, the children are the real superheroes!

Spotlight Spokane: Share Farm

Share Farm is an online grocery marketplace based out of Spokane. They bring locally-sourced goods straight to your door!

Spotlight Spokane: Wanderlust Delicato

This week, we're taking you to a recently-opened wine/cheese/charcuterie shop in downtown Spokane. Wanderlust Delicato has cooking classes, locally and internationally imported wines, tasting events, live music, gourmet sandwiches and platters, and so much more!

Spotlight Spokane: River Rock Taphouse

This week we're stopping by River Rock Taphouse. They've got 40 taps - with beers, wines, ciders and kombucha sourced from local breweries. You can try an eclectic menu of gourmet tavern food, and enjoy trivia and live music, too!

Spotlight Spokane: Blissful Whisk

This week we're exploring The Blissful Whisk, a quaint, cozy bakery shop in Spokane Valley. They make all kinds of delicious, organic, locally-sourced goodies - including snacks for your dog!

Spotlight Spokane: Stevens Creek Trail

Today we're hiking up Stevens Creek Trailhead, one of many trails in the Dishman Hills Conservation Area. It's an enriching and scenic hike up the hill's ridge, and you'll be rewarded with one of the most stunning views in the Inland Northwest.

Spotlight Spokane: miFlavour

This week we stopped by miFlavour, a modern French-style bakery that is currently renovating their new building into a chic café. Here, you can find gourmet sweets from scones and tarts to crème brûlée!

Spotlight Spokane: Pig Out in the Park

This week, we dropped in to Pig Out in the Park, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year! This event needs no introduction - fantastic food, live music, local products, and so much more.

Spotlight Spokane: Winter in Spokane

This week we traipsed through a very snowy, very cold Spokane – visiting Riverfront Park, Manito and Comstock! It was downright frigid out, but that didn't stop people from enjoying the Skate Ribbon or going for a winter run.

Spotlight Spokane: Brick West Brewing Co.

This week we visited Brick West Brewing Company, Spokane's newest bar and the latest addition to the growing and evolving West End neighborhood. Their brewer studied in Germany, learning the traditional German-style brewing – that means pilsners, hefeweisens and dunkels! Brick West looks to be the hub of a new, revitalized downtown Spokane culture.