Concert of Hope

If you'd like to be inspired and uplifted by the sound of children's singing - come to one of two concerts performed by the Watoto Children's Choir.  This children's choir has been touring internationally since 1994.  They bring a message of hope with music and songs that blend African rhythm, contemporary gospel and ethnic dance.  These children will inspire you but at the same time bring awareness to the African HIV/AIDS and war crisis.The Concert of Hope will be at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 8441 N. Indian Trail Rd. on September 16.  The first concert begins at 10am and will be shorter in length to accomodate elementary age children.  The evening concert begins at 7pm and will be a full-length concert and is open to all ages.  For more information please call 509-465-0779 or www.watoto.com.

Local artists to display their work process during outdoor studio tour this weekend

This weekend, eighteen artists will demonstrate their craft in the yards of residents between Division & Bernard, and 16th & 17th for Artists in Action.For the past five years, Artists in Action, has been demonstrating the process of their art in this neighborhood where a pocket of artists just so happen to live.Bridget Smith, a calligrapher with Pottery Place Plus says more artists are participating than they've ever had before.

Nerdy Day Trips identifies day trips only a nerd could love

As a fellow nerd, I'm deeply disappointed by the lack of Eastern Washington and North Idaho user submitted "Nerdy Day Trips". It's a website with user-generated content catered for those that love to stand in line with other groups touring science-y facilities and "ooing and ahhing" over man-made creations.Across the state in Western Washington, submitted activities include Fort Casey, a state park with formerly used bunkers and fortifications during World War II. Also included is the American Museum of Radio and Electricity in Bellingham.

The Flag Project

It's a peaceful, serene drive from Spokane to Pullman. The rolling hills of the Palouse are beautiful. But when you make the trek multiple times a year to games, you start to overlook the beauty sometimes and start thinking 'this is taking forever'. However, students at WSU made it beautiful all over again last Saturday, even more beautiful than before. They added a pop of color, some crimson and grey into the mix. Some 75 students waving the WSU flag at every mile marker between Spokane and Pullman. Every flag presenting it's own beautiful scene from the hill of a golden wheat field to the bridge above the highway.My husband and I were excited after seeing just one student. After we saw five, my husband said "He's trying". He knew right away Athletic Director Bill Moos was behind the flags, an effort to get Spokane to travel, an effort to show if students can stand along the entire route, Spokane can certainly drive the route. He knows getting the seats filled is going to depend largely on the people who live just 75 miles north of the tiny college town.

Shadle's new art designed after native Ponderosa tree

Public art by Anne Storrs is now installed at Shadle Park High School. It's called "Highland Fling" and features the school's colors along with giant pinecones inspired by the Ponderosa pine, a native tree to the Spokane-region.The art piece is part of the Washington State Arts Commission's Art in Public Places Program, funded from the state's capital construction budget. Half of one percent of the construction budget is used for artwork. . If they win, the organization hopes to plant 10,000 ponderosa trees in October.

City hopes to collect suggestions for future north Monroe street revitalization

The city wants the input of neighbors and business owners later this month for plans to revitalize N. Monroe street. An September 28th open house is scheduled to take suggestions and other comments.The suggestions provided will be used to collect project funding for design and construction. A portion of the funds will be generated from the West Quadrant Tax Increment Financing, which was formed in 2007 to coordinate neighborhood revitalization for West Central, Emerson/Garfield and Riverside.The revitalization project is a collaboration between the North Monroe Business Association, Downtown Spokane Partnership, Spokane Transit Authority, University of Idaho College of Art and Architecture faculty and students, Kendall Yards and the West Central, EmersonGarfield, and Riverside Neighborhoods.

Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake

Parisian Cupcakes is back in business after a two week closure due to permitting issues. After a successful first week of business, they closed in order to get their permitting straight.They left a note for customers that stated: "We will be closed for the next two weeks while we apply for additional permits from the county. Sorry for the inconvenience."With the help of Spokane Regional Health District, they made it through their last permit application and inspection. They'll be open as usual starting Wednesday with a full case of cupcakes.

Project Beauty Share "Can You Spare A Square"

Toilet paper is not one of my favorite subjects - but it is a necessity, and Project Beauty Share's Toilet Paper Drive is happening this Friday and Saturday, September 16 & 17.  According to Tracie Swanson, Development Director for Our Place Community, clothing and food drives are common, toiletries are often forgotten and the most often requested, yet least donated item. The toilet paper drive will benefit local women's shelters, Anna Ogden Hall, Our Place Community Ministries, the YWCA, Transitions, Catholic Charities of Spokane Spokane Valley Partners, Coeur d'Alene Women's Center and Odyssey World International.  Donations are being accepted at The Make-Up Studio, 216 N. Bernard in downtown Spokane, or  Tracy Jewelers, 106 N. Evergreen Rd in the Spokane Valley.  Donation hours are: Friday from 7am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm.  For information please contact The Make-Up Studio at 509-455-7430 or www.projectbeautyshare.org. 

Local residents spot the Google Street View car

The Hoffmans were traveling eastbound on Indiana at Maple when they spotted the Google Street View vehicle directly ahead of them. Street View sightings have been pouring in from all over Spokane. The last time Google photographed the streets, in 2008, the intersection of Maple and Indiana was torn up due to construction.What will it look like in the next edition of Street View?

Tour regional community gardens this Saturday

When garden space in your own home is limited, community gardens offer an option for neighbors to have a little patch of land to grow their favorite fruits and vegetables.Community gardens scattered across Spokane will be open for a tour this Saturday with volunteers on hand to show visitors around and answer any questions they may have. 14 gardens, including two new gardens, are featured in this year's annual Spokane Community Garden Tour.

Recent lawsuit does not deter the school district from relocating Jefferson Elementary

A lawsuit against Spokane School District 81 was served today. Hart Field Preservation is suing the district for what they say is illegal modernization of Jefferson Elementary, by moving it to a new location.Assistant superintendent, Dr. Mark Anderson, defended the district's plan to move the school. He says they'll move forward with the board's plans to build a new Jefferson Elementary."The district's position has been and remains consistent with the law," Anderson said. He continued, "It will just cost taxpayer money to defend this lawsuit."

Neighbors discuss the future of Artfest

No official decision has been made yet regarding the potential move for Artfest. Members of the MAC attended last night's Browne's Addition neighborhood council meeting to speak with the council executives and neighbors. Business owners attended including organizers behind the neighbor event, Elkfest that happens the same weekend as Artfest. Almost 20 people sat inside the conference room to discuss the festival's future.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

I never liked eating breakfast, but I ate it. Probably because I had a good mother. Everyday she'd deliver the line every good mother delivers to her young 'It's the most important meal of the day' and then she'd make me 'eat something' so I'd be ready to learn. I know now how lucky I was. Not only because I had a good mom who made me eat, but because I came from a home where there was healthy, nutritious food. Such is not always the case. And now, Spokane Public Schools is picking up where the mother or home can't. It's hosting a pilot program at three elementary schools offering free breakfast to every student. Students at Stevens, Logan and Holmes will get in on the free early morning meals. The goal is to get breakfast participation up to 70 percent, that's where the district breaks even between federal government subsidies and the cost of the meal.

Authorities Seeking Woman Who Looks Just Like The Star of "Glee"

Updated - 9/12/11 10:49 a.m. - On the left is a mugshot of Annie F. Mendenhall.  The Spokane Sheriff's Office says the 20 year old is wanted for First Degree Burglary, and her last known address was in the 3700 block of North Maple in Spokane.  Mendenhall was among the suspects wanted in this week's "CrimeStoppers" round-up. As of Monday, September 12th, Mendenhall's warrant was recalled by Spokane County Sheriff's Office.

Second Avenue Construction Almost Complete!

A major road project in downtown Spokane will be wrapped up by mid-September, much to the relief of several businesses and drivers. The City of Spokane reports construction on Second Avenue between Howard and Arthur Streets will soon be complete.

Give Blood, Get Sonic Treat

The Inland Northwest Blood Center wants you to join it "After Hours" for appetizers at INBC. This quarter it is featuring Sonic. Blood Center officials say this early evening event is a perfect opportunity to come after the busy day and enjoy some treats from Sonic.Event Details: Come to any INBC location in Spokane, 210 W. Cataldo Ave., Coeur d'Alene, 405 W. Neider Ave. or Lewiston, 1213 21st Street. 

How many Washington beers can you taste in two days?

Oktoberfest doesn't necessarily have to happen during the month of October. The last weeks of September is fair game for the festival as well. In Spokane, we'll have our own Oktoberfest with over 20 participating breweries from across the state.

Voting hasn't even ended, but the Lands Council is confident of their victory

It may be a little early to announce victory, but The Lands Council has chosen a date to plant 10,000 Ponderosa pines. If they become a finalist in the Tom's of Maine's contest, with the large sum of money they receive they'll plant pines in various Spokane locations on October 22nd of this year. They're calling it Reforest Spokane Day. "It takes a lot of planning, but were confident that we're going to make it in the top six," Lands Council executive director, Mike Petersen said. The top finalist would receive $50,000 and the remaining five would receive $20,000. If they win the 50 grand, Petersen says that will pay for everything including snacks and lunches for the 500 needed volunteers. If they only get the 20 grand, they'll still plan on planting 10,000 trees. 

Hart Field Preservation files suit against Spokane Public Schools

The Hart Field Preservation is filing suit against Spokane Public School District 81 today.The history of the lawsuit started in 2009 when voters approved a SD81 bond that would authorize the district to modernize schools.The Hart Field Preservation organization says that relocating Jefferson Elementary to 37th and Manito Boulevard does not constitute the definition of modernize.

Brownes Addition neighborhood council to discuss the future of Artfest this evening

Safety issues surrounding the annual Artfest are the concerns of the Brownes Addition neighborhood. They'll be discussing the future of Artfest at their monthly neighborhood council meeting tonight. Rumors surrounding the event potentially moving to Riverfront Park have been circulating the community. The Brownes Addition Twitter even called this discussion:

Wildlife uses Deadman Creek culvert under North Spokane Corridor

Compared to some highways that lack the system, the North Spokane Corridor has an animal safety feature that protects them and the drivers above. Construction crews installed a thirty foot arched culvert over Deadman Creek where the two highway meets. Along with the culvert, they installed a motion-activated camera."We installed a motion-activated camera to see if the local wildlife would make the change in their wandering habits from crossing the busy highway to the new, wider and taller route," wrote Al Gilson, in his latest WSDOT blog entry.

Timeline Of Harpham Plea Hearing

A plea hearing was held Wednesday morning for Kevin Harpham, the man who attempted to bomb the MLK Day Unity March in January. The following is a timeline of tweets from the courtroom during that proceeding.

Like Ponderosa Pines? This Plan's For You

Growing up in Michigan, "Ponderosa" meant one thing: inexpensive buffet dining.  I didn't see my first real-life Ponderosa Pine until I moved to Spokane in 1998.  Now, I'm surrounded by them in my old-growth neighborhood.  They're towering, stately, and to me, epitomize the majestic natural beauty of the Inland Northwest.  Now, there's a plan to bring more Ponderosas to Spokane - 10,000, to be exact.  The Lands Council's ambitious proposal would have 500 volunteers plant 20 trees apiece in a single day.  To pay  for "Reforest Spokane Day," the Lands Council needs your vote to win a community improvement contest sponsored by , the natural beauty products company.