New Movie Features Spokane Animator

At just 23 years old, Teresa Nord has already accomplished her life long dream of animating feature length films. For the past year, Nord, who grew up in the Spokane Valley has spent the past year in Los Angeles working on HOP, an animated comedy about the Easter bunny in theaters now Nord said she worked on various aspects of the film, including animating several of the chicks in the movie.

Dalmatian Puppy Found Abandoned In Dumpster

A Good Samaritan at a north Spokane gas station Wednesday heard barking and whimpering from a nearby dumpster and retrieved a six-week-old Dalmatian puppy that had been left inside.That person took the dog him, gave it a bath, then brought it to the Spokane Humane Society. The Humane Society in turn notified SCRAPS, which is now investigating the incident."We are taking this incident very seriously and are in the middle of our investigation," SCRAPS Director Nancy Hill said.The puppy was placed in foster care, where Hill says the dog is doing well.The Humane Society of the United States is offering a reward up to $2,500 for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for abandoning the puppy.Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call SCRAPS at (509) 477-2532.

Ben Burr Trail-head Temporarily Closed

The western end of the Ben Burr Trail has been temporarily closed following a small rock slide earlier this week.  Park Operations Staff (OPS) cleared the trail and contacted the City's Risk Management Department to assess the safety of the trail.  They have advised the Parks Department to close the trail between the new trailhead at West Liberty Park and the Liberty Aquatic Center entrance at Pittsburg Street. Risk Management will have an engineer look at the stability of the remaining rock wall, while OPS staff devise a permanent solution.  At this point, it is unclear how long the trail closure will last. Barricades and caution tape, as well as "Trail Closed" signs, will be placed at either end of the closure and near the slide itself.

Play Him Off, Flugelhorn Feline!

Fatso, the South Hill cat who gained fame around the world as "Keyboard Cat", has returned - sort of - for a new video this April Fool's Day.YouTube rolled out a mock version of their site filled with Viral Pictures from way back in 1911. Among them was a riff on Keyboard Cat, called Flugelhorn Feline.

Ocean Surge In Tsunami's Wake

KXLY4 Reporter Jeff Humphrey was vacationing in Kona, Hawaii when the Japanese tsunami hit the Hawaiian Islands last month, and shot this video showing the ocean surges hitting Hawaii in the wake of the tsunami. Pretty compelling footage Jeff shot and narrated the morning after the tsunami hit.

Screaming Deals in April at the Post Street Ale House

Despite sending out the announcement on April 1st, the Post Street Ale House insists, this is no joke: half-price food all day, every day in the month of April! The downtown pub, attached to the Hotel Lusso, announced screaming deals for the entire month. In addition to half-price food all day, the Ale House will also offer half-price drinks between 3 and 6 pm. "I want the people of Spokane to know how much we have appreciate their business this first year, and I am willing to give evreyone a good deal," said owner Walt Worthy.

Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Donation

The American Red Cross accepted a check from Sterling Savings Bank for their Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. Some 700 plus employees from 178 branches in the the northwest raised the money through the company's Jeans for Charity. Sterling bank allowed any employees who made a donation to the cause to wear jeans to work on Friday, March 18th. Sterling would like to encourage other business to consider implementing similar programs to help those that have been effect by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Northtown Macy's Opens Maternity Section

As long as I've lived in Spokane Macys Northtown has not had a maternity section. My wife is now pregnant and has lamented at this fact.But now they do!It opened about two weeks ago. So, for all you women who are pregnant or may become pregnant, you can now shop at Macys.

Donations Depleted At Salvation Army Thrift Store

The Salvation Army Thrift store is in need of donations. The store hasn't seen a dry spell like this in six years, according to the manager. Anna Moran manages the Thrift Store on North Division in Spokane and is using their giant reader board to advertise the fact that they need donations. "Our furniture, our clothing, it's just really depleting and I think it's our economy," Moran said. "People are putting them on eBay to sell, s lot o people are coming in asking if we do consignment, or sell clothes for people."

Suspect Robbed Stores To Pay Bills

Spokane police have arrested a man who says he committed three armed robberies last weekend to help keep a roof over his familiy's heads. 23 year old Joey Maine is suspected of holding up the Zip Trip and Mike's Groceries on north Hamilton street and the Broadway Mini-Mart in Spokane Valley in less that 24 hours. When KXLY interviewed Maine in jail he explained that because he quit his job four months ago, he's struggling to pay his rent and utilities. Maine said he committed the robberies with a B.B. gun as a spontaneous way of solving his money problems. Maine told KXLY he was not addicted to drugs but court documents show Maine confessed to detectives that he was hooked on heroin.

Sacred Heart Children's Hospital Executive Director Wins Award Children

Peggy Mangiarcina, Executive Director of the Sacred Heart Children's Hospital was awarded The 2011 "Making Our Kids My Business Award" Friday morning.Peggy has been instrumental in the health and well-being of children and families in the Spokane community for many years, beginning her work at Sacred Heart Medical Center in 1982. Since then Peggy has acted as Assistant Vice President of Patient Care Services and Director of Children's Services. Peggy chaired the design committee for the Children's Hospital and began her work as Executive Director in 2004. Since assuming the position of Executive Director Peggy has broadened the scope of services by bringing specialists in every pediatric subspecialty including: cardiology, surgery, emergency, oncology, and state-of-the-art neonatal intensive care services. Many of these specialists may not have come to Spokane without the tireless efforts of Peggy Mangiarcina.

Gardening Fun for Kids

If you're looking for something fun and free to do with your kids during Spring Break one local store has an idea. Sun People Dry Goods Company in downtown Spokane will be offering a free class on how to start a vegetable garden. Kids will learn how to plant a vegetable seedling in their very own pot to take home and watch grow.

Filmmakers Invited to 50 Hour Challenge

Filmmakers in the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene area are invited to participate in the '50 Hour Slam', a film competition and festival designed to encourage both amateur and established filmmakers to stretch their creativity. The filmmakers will have fifty hours to write, develop, shoot and edit a 3 to 6 minute short-film. Actors for the films will be provided by local talent agencies. The kick-off of the '50 Hour Slam' will be at 7p.m. on Friday, April 1st at the Magic Lantern, located at 25 W Main Ave. downtown. Interested filmmakers should arrive at 7p.m. sharp because doors will be closed promptly at that time and the fifty hours will begin.

John A. Finch Arboretum to Receive New Trees

Residents of West Spokane can expect some new additions to their John A. Finch Arboretum. Coming all the way from Garden Gate Nursery in Pasco, Washington, members of the , a sector of the City of Spokane's , are shipping in 7-year old . 

Grant Attracts Underpriviledged Students to Nursing Careers

Rogers High School students, interested in nursing careers, are spending their Saturday mornings in the classroom.  And they're getting paid to do it. The students are learning how to search medical databases and find medical studies at the WSU Spokane Nursing Building. The class is funded by an $894,550, three-year workforce diversity grant from the federal Heath Resources Service Administration.  Each student who attends 8 half-day Saturday sessions this spring, and a two-week summer camp on the WSU Pullman campus, will get a $500 dollar stipend.  There are also $4,000 tuition stipends up for grabs.

'Minuscule amount' of Radiation found in Spokane milk

During a screening of milk in Spokane a few days ago, the EPA found a 'minuscule amount' of iodine-131 in the sample, and officials say there is no public health concern.The EPA has been monitoring milk for signs of radiation as part of its RADNET program and found, on March 25, a sample that contained 0.8 pCi/L of iodine-131, which is more than 5,000 times lower than the derived intervention level set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.The findings, according to the FDA and EPA, are "far below levels of public health concern, including for infants and children. Iodine-131 has a very short half-life of approximately eight days, and the level detected in milk and milk products is therefore expected to drop relatively quickly.""Radiation is all around us in our daily lives, and these findings are a minuscule amount compared to what people experience every day. For example, a person would be exposed to low levels of radiation on a round trip cross country flight, watching television, and even from construction materials," Patricia Hansen, an FDA senior scientist, said in a joint statement written by the EPA and FDA.Shortly after the EPA and FDA statement was released, Gov. Christine Gregoire issued her own statement, confirming that "Washington milk is safe to drink." "This morning I spoke with the chief advisers for both the EPA and the FDA and they confirmed that these levels are minuscule and are far below levels of public health concern, including for infants and children," Gregoire said."According to them, a pint of milk at these levels would expose an individual to less radiation than would a five-hour airplane flight," she added.Since the nuclear incident at the Fukushima nuclear complex in Japan, federal agencies including the EPA, FDA and the CDC have been monitoring for signs of radiation across the state."At no point have detection levels come close to levels of concern," Gregoire added.

Small Fire Evacuates Apartment Building

A small fire in a second-story apartment sent tenants of a downtown apartment building into the street early Wednesday morning.The fire alarm went off around 3:00 am at the complex on 6th and Stevens. Fire crews saw smoke at the front of the building and on the second floor. Crews went into an unlocked apartment on that floor and found flames and smoke. They found the tenant asleep in the apartment. Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer says the tenant later said he had been drinking and slept through the smoke and alarm. 

Spokane Club Transforming into Fashion Mecca

Forget Bryant Park - this week, the Spokane Club in downtown Spokane will turn into a local fashion mecca. Spokane's Best Boutiques Runway Show hits the club Friday night and tickets are still available.The show features several of Spokane's best boutiques, showing off this season's trends in a runway fashion show. After the show, you can buy clothes you love directly from the boutiques. Tangerine, Serendipity and Fringe are among the vendors at Friday's show, which also includes trend demonstrations from the Make-Up studio and a Girls Night Out dance party.Cocktails start at 7:00 pm with the runway show beginning at 8. It's followed by champagne and dessert and the dance party lasts until midnight. Swag bags are also available, with goodies and coupons from the vendors.

Warm Reception Expected for South Hill Frozen Yogurt Shop

They're still more than a week away from opening day, but people are already getting fired up about a new frozen yogurt shop, set to open on the upper South Hill.Blu Berry Frozen Yogurt is still under construction in the shopping center on 57th Avenue. It's next to Starbucks, in a spot once occupied by Taco del Mar. Owners Jim and Jennifer Heggenstaller say the shop will be open for business April 8th.Shortly after the sign went up outside the shop, Blu Berry launched a Facebook page, which already has 180 admirers. The site says the shop will have 10 rotating flavors of its self-serve yogurt, 50 toppings, ample parking, music and a gas fireplace. Blu Berry will offer 10% discounts to active duty/retired military, police and fire fighters.

Getting Ready For Spring

 Spokane has had one of the wettest Marches on record this year but that isn't stopping area nurseries from getting ready for a full bloom this spring.  Blue Moon Nursery and Garden in southwest Spokane on Inland Empire Way has been providing beautiful flowers, fruit trees and plants since it started out in the 1920's as Nissen Greenhouses.

A Cardinal Fan In Bulldog Territory

Regan Drew is a Mead High School teacher and girls' basketball coach.She grew up in Spokane, played high school basketball at Mead, her dad graduated from Gonzaga and her mom works there now.Despite the rich Gonzaga heritage in her family, Drew isn't a Bulldog fan. She's a Cardinal fan.