Feds Continuing Crackdown On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Friday afternoon Governor Chris Gregoire vetoed part of a bill that would have overhauled the state's medical marijuana laws and allowed for dispensaries. Her action came the day after DEA agents raided at least four dispensaries around Spokane.Gregoire says she will not allow state workers to license marijuana dispensaries, because possessing or selling marijuana is a violation of federal law.Charles Wright, the owner of THC Pharmacy has rethought things in the wake of the raid on his dispensary. On Thursday he vowed to sell marijuana again, saying patients needed it and he was going to take a stand. On Friday he changed his tune, saying he was permanently closing his store.

Terrain Announces New Side Project

Terrain is still months away from their fourth annual art exhibition. In years past, their October event has always been jam packed with young people, featuring an upstairs beer garden and a lack of ventilation that produces a very hot and sweaty effect.According to their website, it's a juried exhibition celebrating the diversity of the region's emerging artists. Now that it's a well-known brand, they're seeking more opportunities.

Downtown Traffic is a Little Crazy

Be prepared for large amounts of pedestrian activity in downtown Spokane near the Convention Center. A large chunk of the 50,000+ may be headed downtown to pick up their Bloomsday packets. Officer Jennifer DeRuwe, Spokane Police Department, just sent us an update informing citizens to stay "aware of the increased amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the area of the Convention Center." Motorists are struggling to find parking and are encouraged to park elsewhere and walk in. She continued, "Motorists traveling south on Browne near Spokane Falls Blvd will experience significant traffic delays due to the large crowds."The trade show is open until 8 p.m. this evening so this evening's commute may prove frustrating during rush hour in that area. Spokane Police Department officers are working traffic control in the area for the tradeshow. 

Spokane Music Artist Releases Her First CD

For Karrie O'Neill everything just seems to be coming together for the release of her first CD. "I've described it as a freight train that just keeps on rolling," says O'Neill, who's a Spokane native and North Central graduate.   O'Neill will play tonight at The White Room at 117. W Pacific, Doors open at 8:30.   O'Neill says her music is hard to descibe and isn't really sure where she fits in. It's a little bit of everything but all of her. "I think people will really like it once they listen, I try not to fill a mold,"said O'Neill.   O'Neill says she's gotten some great help on this Album. "I've got a great producer in Chris Lucas and I can't wait to take the stage with him," said O'Neill.    Listen To Her Music   http://www.karrieoneill.com/     

You Can Still Get Some Tux Deals For The Prom

Bevin Flewellin said picking out the color for his tux for prom wasn't really his choice. "Yep I have to make sure I match her dress so that makes it easy for me, she's wearing purple, " said Flewellin, a senior at Mt. Spokane High School.Flewellin is amongst the thousands of students around the country embarking on the prom. Kevin Cook, mangager of The Men's Wearhouse says you can still get a good deal. "Most of our tuxedos start around $49.00. We offer some really nice incentives. Our Prom Rep program has been a great promotion for us. Plus we can offer a lot of personal services, " said Cook.

Authorities Raiding South Perry Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Chanting "DEA Go Away!" supporters of medical marijuana met DEA agents and other law enforcement officials as they were raiding a South Hill medical marijuana dispensary Thursday afternoon.The DEA is raiding several medical marijuana dispensaries in Spokane in what Assistant US Attorney Tom Rice is describing as "Official Law Enforcement Action." Rice confirmed a raid was taking place at the THC Pharmacy in the South Perry District on the South Hill.Club Compassion, located at 1004 E. Bridgeport, was also being raided by authorities. An eyewitness reported that a third medical marijuana dispensary, located at the intersection of Market and Peone, was being raided as well. While not confirmed by law enforcement, podcaster Russ Belville aka "Radical Russ", was hosting a where he was updating a Rice would not comment on the nature of the "enforcement action" except to stay that is illegal to possess or sell marijuana in the United States.The Spokane Police Department acknowledged the situation in an e-mail from department spokesperson Jennifer DeRuwe which said, "Apparently the DEA is contacting local dispensaries today.  They are the lead agency and should handle all the media.  SPD may be on scene in a support role."A Spokane Police patrol car was spotted parked in the driveway of THC Pharmacy.

Bloomsday Trade Show

Downtown Spokane is about to be swamped with people.  The Bloomsday Trade show kicks off Friday morning at 11:30 at the Spokane Convention Center.

Fruitful Garden Gives More Than Food

On the banks of Hangman Creek in the Vinegar Flats neighborhood sits a small plot of land that produces for more than just vegetables. The  has a few things in the ground but is waiting for the threat of frost to pass before the real planting get underway.

Dutch Bros. Donating Proceeds Friday To Annual MDA Day

Need a cup of Joe on your way to work? On Friday you can both get your morning coffee as well as donate to a good cause. All 159 Dutch Bros. coffee locations across the region will be donating all their proceeds from sales on Friday to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The annual "MDA Day" kicks off a month of awareness of ALS, also known as Loug Gehrig's disease.

NeighborWoods Launch Party At New Public Market

Spokane Parks and Recreation will host a NeighborWoods Launch party on Saturday May 7th at the new Spokane Public Market on W 2nd and Browne.  The festivities, which begin at 5pm, will feature a tree planting, DJ, dancing and wine tasting.  The event is family- friendly, with cupcakes and prizes for the kids. For more information visit www.spokaneurbanforestry.org

Skyride Opens Today

The Skyride in Riverfront Park opens daily starting Today.  Some of us know it as the Gondolas but that would be wrong its Skyride.  Its the best view in town of the Spokane River as the Spring run off begins its seasonal run through Riverfront Park.  For additional information go to www.spokaneriverfrontpark.com

Arbor Day Celebration at Finch Arboretum

Remember those City Sprite Zelkovas that Spokane Urban Forestry picked up from Pasco, Washington? They're being planted at Noon on Saturday, April 30th for the City of Spokane's Parks and Recreation Arbor Day Celebration. It's all happening at Finch Arboretum.  The City Sprite Zelkova can grow up to 24 feet in height with a 18 foot spread. They start out in spring with a bright green foliage that lasts through the summer. Come fall, they're turn yellow. According to , the  is perfect for urban areas due to its low amounts of needed maintenance.

Kids for Kids Penny Drive

This weekend the gang from The Spokane Guild School will be having the Community Kids for Kids Penny Drive. The largest fundraiser throughout the year and it raises a ton of money...6 to 9 tons of coins each year. This year the Valley, Downtown and North side will be covered with sixteen sites and hundreds of volunteers. They take cash and checks too, so please give a little as you can see it all adds up.  Woodridge Elementary School with Principle Mr. Schuerman in the lead raised $2314.78 in two weeks and a huge congrats to the kids for helping Kids.

A Different Mexican Flavor Hits North Spokane

 "I really enjoy Mexican I go to Mexico a couple of times a year and spend a lot of time down there and just really enjoy the product. I was a consumer for a couple years, so I'm really excited to get it in Spokane," says Gary Turnidge, who owns and operates several Subways in Spokane in addition to the Bajio Grill.The new restaurant across from the Northtown Mall gets its name from the Bajio region in Mexico. "There's a place in Mexico called Bajio and that's where this food comes from and that's why it's original, I just happen to be from Bajio," says Head Chef Vicente Flores."Our founders spent almost two years traveling around and getting the recipes from the Bajio region.The biggest surprise is the flavor, I think they expect just another Mexican restaurant, we do have a different flavor profile we do have the fruit juices in there. So I think they're shocked with how light and flavorful the fruit is," says Gary.The menu features items like shredded glazed chicken burritos, mango salsa and the most popular item the chicken green chile salad. Customers like Danya Ramsayer are flocking to the restaurant because of the healthy feel and great tasting food. "It was really good they had good fresh salsa,"said RamsayerRunning a Mexican restaurant can't be done without great teamwork. Gary's son Matt Turnidge who is the restaurant's manager hired Vicente Flores, who's known as one of the best Mexican Chefs in Spokane.  The father son team says it's been great working together to develop a new product. "It's been good. I feel working with family in may case is really good, I really do look up to my dad a lot. I grew up watching the food business and watching him work real hard and I really wanted to follow in his footsteps," says Matt. "It's really good working with him, he sees things I don't see and vice versa," says Gary. Gary says he plans to open a few more stores in Spokane and several others across Eastern Washington and are looking for people who'd like to own a Bajio Grill."You know the biggest challenge on a daily basis is really watching the food and making sure it's made right everyday and again we are always cooking everything from scratch recipes and there's a lot more to watch how much so that's probably the biggest challenge," says Matt.     "The thing I'm really proud of about in the restaurant is we have a relationship, with several families in the Bajio region that are artisans that make virtually all of our decor that make the lamps, pots the tables the chairs, all of this is from the Bajio region it really makes us feel good.  

The Boys & Girls Clubs Of Spokane County Selected For Comcast Cares Day On April 30

 SPOKANE, WASHINGTON (Monday, April 11) – On Saturday, April 30th, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., more than 150 Comcast employees will volunteer their day to give the Boys & Girls Clubs of Spokane County's Northtown Club location a "make-over" as part of the annual Comcast Cares Day. The day will include cleaning the building, painting and general efforts to beautify the Club that currently serves up to 250 at-risk youth every day. To enhance one of the largest single-day corporate volunteer efforts in the country, friends and families of the Boys & Girls Clubs will also join in the effort to improve the Club's appearance.   "Comcast has been a tremendous champion for our organization over the years and to be selected as the site for their annual community outreach efforts is a reflection of the great employees they have and the amazingly impactful work they do in the local community," stated Boys & Girls Clubs of Spokane County's Executive Director, Dick Hanlin. "The Northtown Club serves as the center of the neighborhood and we are looking forward to working right along-side their volunteers to ensure it continues to be a safe place for those who need our help most." 

Spring Barrel Tasting

Liberty Lake Wine Cellars is just one of 18 area wineries giving you an invitation to taste it's wine.  The Spokane Winery Assocation is putting on its annual Mother's Day Spring Barrel Tasting May 6th to 8th, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Spring traditionally marks the end of one wine making season and represents the beginning of a new wine year.  The event includes tastings from pre-released wines, new wines and wines still in the wine-making process fresh from barrels and tanks. Visit each winery to explore unique festivities. Learn more about the winery event .

Fundraiser to Help Local Non-Profit Farm

A local non-profit farm dedicated to growing local and nutritious food is opening its barn doors for a fundraiser. P.e.a.c.h. or People for Environmental Action and Community Health will hold its annual Country Fair fundraiser this Saturday, April 30th from 11 a.m to 5 p.m. The non-profit farm helps low income families access local through neighborhood farmers markets.

Have A Cop Bring The Doughnuts!

Local Law Enforcement officers will be out delivering Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in the Spokane area to raise some "dough" for Special Olympics Washington. In conjunction with Cops on Top of Doughnut Shops, area law enforcement are at your service.  THey'll deliver doughnuts in the Spokane area Friday, April 29th. For $20, an officer in uniform (who's volunteering his or her time) will deliver you (or a friend or loved one) a dozen Krispy Kremes.  This will take place between 7 am and 3 pm (2 dozen minimum order).

Wicked Lottery

So, you want to see the Broadway smash hit Wicked, but don't have the $90 or so to pay for a good seat?  You're in luck!  The marketing folks at WestCoast Entertainment just released details of a Wicked "lottery:" 

Band and String Spectacular Was Just That

The annual 5th and 6th Grade Band and String Spectacular happened last night in the Spokane Veterans Arena. To say that some of those in charge may have been nervous might be a stretch however I was asked if I was clear in all my duties. I said, "Yes, Sure I am". Thus we began the evening with the Family and friends of some 2900 kids from 35 different elementary schools standing in turn to do the "wave" around the Arena... it was a hoot.  This night is for the kids and it is free with no school monies being spent.  Music is a wonderful avenue for kids, helping with math skills, attention to detail and of course there is always band camp. Thanks to all.Check out the video!

Blind Spokane Man Builds Bird Houses

I met a very talented Craftsman at the Lilac Services for the Blind he was in their Computer Lab Today.  Six years ago an accident on a construction jobsite left him 100 percent sight impaired.  Loren builds Birdhouses, Squirrel Feeders, Plant Holders, and Snowmen.  He has a shop in North Spokane where he builds everything.  He even made the Router Table he uses in his shop.  If you are interested in buying something from Loren's Woodies.  Call (509) 953-5359 for prices.

Spokane "March for Babies" Gives Hope to All Babies

Join the March of Dimes, the leading non-profit organization for pregnancy and baby health, and thousands of walkers from Spokane for the annual "March for Babies" on May 7 at Gonzaga Jundt Art Museum Lawn area, at 9 a.m.WHEN:           

A Knitted Solution For City Streets & Beautification

According to Wikipedia, "yarn bombing" is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted cloth rather than paint or chalk. Other examples of it can be found on the Canadian blog and website, Yarn Bombing.

District 81 Musicians Shine

5th and 6th grade students from Spokane's District 81 shined in Tuesday night's Band and Strings Spectacular.The annual concert was held at the Spokane Arena, and featured more than 2,500 student musicians.The free concert was a celebration of music, and a way for the district to thank the community for its support of Spokane Public Schools.